Contract Signed and First Round Edits Completed!

I’ve had a whirlwind week already. I finished the first round edits for Rumpled Between the Sheets and took the entire two weeks allowed. My length to complete a novella-sized edits proved that no matter how polished a writer thinks their work is, a fresh pair of eyes will find the flaws. Still, I’m happy with the work I put into it and hope I spackled anything that needed it.

On another front, I signed a contract yesterday for a horror piece. I’m so happy to be back on that wagon. I’ve done a few pieces, some published, that are available on my blog now that the contracts are null and void. Reselling short stories isn’t a vast market by any means and really not worth the effort.

The piece I signed a contract for is titled Last Kiss. I wrote it some time ago and shelved the sucker. The critique I got on it from a professional writer spoke of the pace being way too fast. I couldn’t deny that. while I personally liked the pace, he had an excellent point. Think of a roller coaster. What fun is it to just go down and never up for that anticipation for the next drop?

When a call went out from Three Worlds Press–a new publisher my old editor from another publisher went to–I pulled the sucker out. The piece had been collecting dust along enough and I had an idea on how to fix the problem of the spiraling down coaster. Besides, I REALLY want to work with her again.

Now a new problem arose. I didn’t have any redeeming values for the characters. they got what they deserved in my head. Another issue was the length. I needed to have a certain word count. With some help from friends, they threw out ideas and I found a way to have one of the characters have a redeeming value yet I still got the ending I originally intended.

I loved drafting this one a lot. The imagery, the back story, and the greed. A little part of me wants to make a series of them based on the deadly sins … but doesn’t my muse give me enough trouble?