Winners by Allyson Young

Please welcome Allyson young to The Eclectic Zaftig Chick. She’s here to talk about her latest release. 🙂

I wrote this series primarily because of a woman who married her foster brother, much to the initial chagrin of other who saw it as incest. I do not condone incest given the abuse of trust, but when one considers this young woman’s story it wasn’t at all incestuous. She was placed in a foster home at a young age and her foster brother was considerably older and never used his position to take advantage of her. She came to know him well as an individual and a friend, a mentor, long before she saw him in a boyfriend/girlfriend light and he kept his distance even then. He was an honorable person and aware of the fall out, so while she struggled with her feelings, he waited for her to grow up and move out on her own before they began a relationship. They married and are presently expecting their third child—and from all outward appearances have a happy, loving relationship. And better yet, others have come to accept them. I told her she inspired me to write about the possibilities and she was thrilled.

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Craig and Ashton are thrilled with the way their little woman, Sinclair, has settled into the ménage. Now if only she’ll give up the risky jobs she takes on involving sick and injured livestock.

Reece still can’t believe his luck in finally reconnecting with the woman he left years ago, for all the right reasons. Candy loves him unconditionally, now they’ve sorted out their issues, but sometimes he worries about living up to her expectations, especially when her best friend has two men to satisfy her!

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), spanking, sex toys, anal sex