In Self Defense by Loralynne Summers

Today I bring you a brand spanking new author to Evernight Publishing. She’s got a heart-wrenching story of learning to open yourself up to love again. Check out the blurb below. For a tease of an excerpt, click that beautiful cover but before you do, I’ve asked Loralynne a few questions:


  1. Q) How did you come up with the story?

I was mowing the lawn! It was a hot and humid day, and then my neighbor came home on his Harley, and suddenly the story was there in my head! I liked the idea of my hero being a bit unconventional. While a good guy at the core, he’s a biker and a bit rough around the edges.


Do you have any writing habits?

I am a total pantser. I don’t plot, I learned quickly that if I tried to make the characters do what I thought should be done, the story sucked and wouldn’t flow. As soon as I gave my muse carte blanche, things went much more smoothly! So I do what I’m told now. Some stories I need complete silence to write, others I have to have music playing. And the music varies depending on the story, and sometimes even what part of the story I’m writing.

How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I’ve noticed that in most of my heroes there is some part of my husband, be it mannerisms or other little quirks. In one story my hero is total freak about a specific car, which is all my husband. There’s a bit of myself in Sarah, and a big part of the start of the relationship between my husband and I in Sarah and Jason’s. I too fell in love with my best friend after leaving an abusive ex. My husband is very much responsible for the sense of self-worth and self-esteem that I now have today. He put me back together emotionally, just as Jason did for Sarah.


The last thing that Sarah wants in her life is a relationship. Her track record is horrendous, and the last guy she dated beat her mentally and physically, landing her in the hospital. Almost a year later she’s back on her feet, thanks in no small part to her best friend Jason. Trouble is, lately she wants more than a friendship with Jason, and it scares the hell out of her. And then he kisses her…                                               

Jason has been in love with Sarah for longer than he’ll willingly admit to. Since bringing her home from the hospital, she’s grown into a strong, secure, confident woman. After seeing how perfect his best friend really is, he can’t get her off his mind. He’s convinced her feelings match his, and decides to go for it, only to scare her away.

Can best friends become something more? Or will she stay hidden behind her defensive wall?


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