Happy New Year!

Tonight I shall not stay up to celebrate another year gone. Just not into it. I will raise my glass to all of you–my readers, followers, and crazy people–you know who you are–instead. đŸ˜‰

I’ve seen a year of ups and downs. The downs of trying to finish one of the many ideas in my head. The ups of having the one thing I accomplished being voted best in category. Yeah, still in shock over that one.

So I’m going to start the new year with something crazy. I’m joining a delightful group of writers in a Historical NaNo-like sprint. Put me in the crazy bus! I have three ideas in mind–two are classical twists and will be m/m. The last one will be set in Great Britain. It’s a story I came up with after walking up Edinburgh Castle.

Until next year, keep supporting your favorite authors, musicians, or local shops in 2015. Me? I’m going to keep loving these guys–my rescues. Or did they really rescue me?