Authors Behaving Badly … by Plagiarizing Other Authors

I wish this was a new thing but it’s not. I’ve seen free reads from my publisher show up on Amazon no less with another author’s name gracing the cover. And a price tag to boot!

Enter the latest jackass to steal another author’s work.

Not only did this person just change the title and upload the same book word for word, they did it in a couple languages. Talk about some balls! This person boldly claimed on Twitter that the books weren’t the same yet one glance inside proved he was a liar.

Check out the blurbs for both books:

Liar's Book Sam's Blurb

Notice anything, I don’t know, similar? That’s when this person underestimated the value of an author family and unfortunately for them the authors with my publisher have balls bigger than Jupiter.

While I’ve stressed that the mob mentality is not the way to go, outright stealing an author’s book for your own profit deserves no quarter. I won’t tolerate it with sites that pirate books and I’m certainly not letting sleeping dogs lie on this one.

In a span of maybe 4 hours, this thief was reported by my publisher to Amazon, one starred to the tune of plagiarism, and deleted his Twitter account. One of our close knit authors actually found a Blogger website this hack started. Dear gawd … they spelled publishing wrong! The person is based in Miami, Florida unless that’s a lie as well.

Seems legit. :/

Seems legit. :/

We even saw an apparent sock puppet account created to claim the book as this imposter’s. The hilarity of it all. Sorry, but I’ve been around the internet too long and know bullshit when I see it.


I don’t believe the claims of being hacked and you’ll see why soon enough. The book was taken down, thanks to Evernight. This sock puppet attack just solidifies that the person knew what they were doing. PS: it’s not defamation if there’s proof otherwise.

I’ve been blocked from seeing their Tweets. Too bad for him I have more than one account. 😉 If this disappears, worry not. Screenshots are a bitch to get out!

Remember when I said that the internet was forever?

AJPINA the thief

You can delete all you want but it still can be found. So if their KDP was hacked, I suppose that their twitter was as well? You’re not legit and you’re looking for a quick buck. Worse yet, I’m afraid someone’s going to fall for your tactics and send you a manuscript or worse yet, send you money. Also, see that other book listed there called Into the Distance? Plagiarized version of In Flight (Up in the Air #1) by R.K. Lilley.

I probably shouldn’t have even titled this with the word ‘author’. Scribbling words on a page doesn’t make you an author, it makes you educated enough to write. Regardless, spread the word and keep clear of this person. You’ll be doing a lot of people a good service. I leave you with one more damning screenshot.

Bam. You just paid in cache!

Bam. You just paid in cache!

Ohh and this tweet just for fun.