NaNoWriMo is Here! (2014 Edition) #amwriting


It’s that magical time of the year. This year, I plan on creating the next two books in my Naughty Fairytales Beowulf Hollow series. From write-ins to me trying to avoid the temptation of television (hockey and football doesn’t count) I will make my goal as I did last year and hopefully release them in 2015.


Rumpled Between the Sheets

Some want to find love at all costs. Some believe there is a cost to find love.

When Mary Becken’s mother passes away, she takes over her business of making fine tailored clothes in the small town of Beowulf Hollow. Not satisfied with the fabrics available, she unearths her mother’s loom and creates a new textile by weaving thin strands of gold. Soon her small mountain town is swarming with new customers and invitations come pouring in for New York Fashion Week. One in particular isn’t interested in her sharing her talents with the rest of the world.

Benjamin Elstiltzkin is a man used to getting exactly what he wants. For his fashion business, he’s downright ruthless and a small town woman isn’t going to ruin his chances in being on top of the fashion world. He hatches a plan to make Miss Becken work exclusively for him whether she wants to or not. The one thing he never counted on in his strategy was the temptation she’d pose to his never-ending bachelorhood.

With a deadline looming to get his collection, Benjamin might have met his match in more ways than one.


This one is a Rapunzel but I haven’t quite got the blurb completed or names picked out or the title, obviously.  Enter a biker fresh from getting out of the Army on a cross country ride when his bike breaks down in beautiful Beowulf Hollow. Deep in the woods he finds a crumbling tower laden with flowery vines. At the top is the most perfect marble statue of a woman unmarred by the decay around her. One touch and he awakens a curse centuries old.