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Want to heat up your Black Friday Weekend all the way to Cyber Monday?

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NaNo and the Rough Draft

wpid-fb_img_1413936487156.jpgI find it hard to just let go in NaNo without some editing being completed even in a rough draft. I blame my editors for engraining certain things in my brain. Still, I find myself–in and effort to keep the story flowing–breaking rules. Oh make no mistake, I’m not foregoing spelling and time issues. This NaNo finds me going back quite a bit to fix issues and I’m only doing this because my typing speed has increased and allows me to do this. I took off a whole week and if I was more focused, I’d be done with NaNo. I hope to be almost completed by the time this post drops. ((How’d I do, counter?))

Anyway, I believe I’ve stressed this before. If you think NaNo is anything more than the roughest draft you’ve ever created, you’re doing it wrong. Writing takes time and patience. Not everyone is cut out to be a writer just like not everyone is going to be a gourmet chef. It’s just as annoying to writers for someone to go “I can do that, it’s easy” much like a baker wants to choke the shit out of someone boosting they could make a soufflé easy peasy.

I WISH! By all means, try writing something. Now try getting it published in an arena beyond self-publishing. Try it and please don’t get butt hurt when the rejection comes back. Every writer feels that sting, there are no exceptions.

So, as we venture into the last gasps of NaNo 2014 let’s be realistic on what we’ve created. It’s a deformed baby needing a scalpel put to it to shape the plot/flow/characters into an interesting and exciting story for the masses to enjoy.

As for me? I’ve already decided next year will be my greatest effort in finishing all those half-written NaNo winners. I have tons of them. You think NaNo was hard? You haven’t even started. Buckle up, baby, we’re going in dry.