How Far Would You Go?

wpid-20140405_140300.jpgIt’s a writer’s dream. A film adaptation of their book. The road isn’t an easy one. Getting noticed, for instance, is like being a tiny fish in a large ocean. Most of the time, a film audio options your baby which means you get a little bit of money but it doesn’t equal the big screen in your future.

But what if it happens? The cast is picked, the screen play is written and when you look it over … your baby has been twisted from the original. Your favorite little moment between the characters is … gone. They’ve added some quirky third character as some side kick dork. And the language that your main character uses that’s a little racy? Stripped away.

They’ve sanitized your perfect little angel.

So how far would you go?

For me, I would be taken aback if any of my stories would be optioned. They’re a bit on the naughty side so translating to film would mean a lot of adaptation. For the sake of argument, let’s say one of them gets picked up. It’s optioned and then that fat manuscript gets created to put it to the big screen. Depending on the wording in the contract, I might not have creative control and that might be the first step to the big compromise.

It’s about your brand being represented. Sure the whole ‘based on a novel by blah blah blah’ might absolve you a bit but there’s your name flashed on the screen. Tattooed on your behind like an ex-boyfriend’s name. Either way, it’s not an easy choice. Once the stars fade and reality sets in, I’d have to go with my gut. A little bit of change to make it work on that gorgeous ginormous screen and I might sell my baby to the highest bidder.

I’ll console myself with laser surgery to get rid of a pesky bad ink decision.

How would you roll?




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  1. I have a manuscript that I think would work wonderfully as a three season television show. I’ve done everything but write the script – in other words I know who’d I want to play each role, the types of clothes they’d wear, where I’d want it filmed, and the music I’d pick for the opening credits. The idea of having that all changed without my input makes my hands shake. lol.

    I also have a vague idea of a screenplay that if I were just a consultant and they kept the main story line the same, I’d happily sell that for an initial six figure check and residuals from ticket sales and each time it was downloaded from Netflix or where ever it is folks go to “rent” movies these days once they’ve left the theaters. 😉

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