New Release: Witches & Lycans

 This is my third naughty fairy tale. I had so many ideas on where to go because here’s so many fairy tales to draw from and to twist in any way you please. My first two were fantasy but for this one, I wanted to go contemporary. In addition, I wanted a fictitious town–Beowulf Hollow–to base each story in. To make it more interesting, and to satisfying my odd sense in loving research, I decided each story would be in a specific decade, starting with the 1960’s. The lingo, styles, and what people were like would just open up rich characters.

So, what story to twist? My choice was Hansel & Gretel except I went my own direction. I made them lovers instead of siblings and the witch? Let’s leave that a surprise. And the Lycans part in the title? Who doesn’t like a big bad bipedal wolf to stir the pot? 

witches-lycans mock up



John Hansel and Susan Gretel are spending their summer break back in Beowulf Hollow. Not that they have a choice, since their parents are footing the bill for college. With one year left until they get their degree, the couple decides to partake in one more swinger’s party outside of town, being held at a closed campground.

Susan’s got her eye on local bad boy David. A past partner, she knows what to expect from his lustful nature. That her boyfriend, John, gets a kick out of watching just makes it more enjoyable for her. But she finds out that David’s more than a sexual beast in the sack.

Armed with nothing but innate powers she never knew she possessed and her lover John, Susan’s got to fight back a threat bearing down on Beowulf Hollow. An evil that manifests every twenty-five years has come back again to lay waste to the sleepy little town in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. One that starts with a pair of grey eyes belonging to a man who knows every intimate inch of her flesh—David.

Add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads. Click on the book cover for a steamy excerpt. 😉

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Now for the fun part! The giveaway! I’ve made some crafts. So here’s what you can win.

A replica of the necklace Susan Gretel wears in the book

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Due to the nature of the giveaway, I’m afraid it’s only open to the continental US. That being said, if you are outside of this area, please follow the guidelines below and state your country of residence. I won’t leave you completely out of the running. 🙂

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  1. Jennifer – eaton at comcast dot net
    I love “why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears” although it may not be considered a fairy tale. Out of everything I read as a really young kid, that one really stuck out to me.

  2. I’m a fan of most fairy tales, but my most favorite is Red Riding Hood. 🙂 I like the fact that Red spotted the wolf and wasn’t suckered in by its disguise. 🙂

  3. The Snow Queen – I just like the slightly more menacing stories where they push the characters. Plus, it’s pretty bad when you have to enchant someone’s sight to get them to stay with you. You have to wonder what made her that way.

    Nellie – solimond(at)gmail(dot)com

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