Just One Taste: Sasha’s Gift

This one began, like Talbot’s Ploy, as an entry for an anthology. This one bordered on the ten thousand word maximum and I just went with the flow of the story. Evernight had it right in thinking I rushed the story. Thus, I gave up my quest to be in another anthology. Maybe it will happen again someday but right now, my stories are to grandiose. So, here’s a bit of Sasha’s Gift.

The dazzling lights sparkled on the mirror-like sheen of the stage. Dressed in a pair of black latex shorts barely covering his package, Sasha swayed on the pole. Several bills in various denominations peeked out of his waistband.


Out in the crowd, the lusty eyes of the patrons followed his every move. The allure of green paper had Sasha dropping to the floor. On his hands and knees, he crawled toward his catch.


The man appeared to be around thirty, and his tongue darted out to thick his dry lips. Sasha mimicked his potential customer by flicking his tongue out. The tremor of the dollar brought a smile to his lips. The man had noticed the piercing through Sasha’s tongue.


His hips slid to the edge of the stage. The man stuffed the dollar, along with a ten, in Sasha’s pants. His generous tipper’s fingers lingered on Sasha’s skin. He rolled away from the touch but faced the man.  His hands grasped the edge of the stage and he pumped his hips, thrusting against an invisible lover. More money appeared in the captivated man’s fingers, and Sasha leaned over the stage to whisper in his ear.


“Care to touch more?” He huffed a breath to seal the deal.


“How much?”


“One hundred for a private room.” Sasha edged back out of the man’s reach. His hand roamed the entire length of his body before his gaze landed back on his prospect. One nod from the man and a grin spread on Sasha’s mouth. He finished his dance and headed off the stage.


As he drew the curtain aside, he caught the towel the next dancer threw at him.


“Hooked the pervert at the end of the stage, didn’t you?”


“Amazing what grown men will do, Tony.” Sasha winked. “Your target is sitting off to the left.”


“Thanks.” Tony adjusted his neon green lace gloves. “I put the number to that guy who can give you more hardware on your stand.”


Music boomed from the other side of the curtain.


“The sweet serenade of guitars is your song.”


“I prefer the organ.” Tony grinned. “Cassidy’s looking for you.”


Sasha plucked the many bills hanging from his shorts as he headed into the main area. Several other men were putting the finishing touches on their outfits, some more elaborate than others, before their turn on the stage. Sasha shook his head at the mayhem. Most of the clientele surrounding the stage would rather the show start out with minimal clothing and a total strip down. In the private rooms, that was acceptable behavior but Cassidy warned them all that stage was for tease not for show and tell.


Without Cassidy as his coach, Sasha would still be picking up dirty laundry or working the bar. Tips at the bar were decent but didn’t compare to the money stuffed in his tight pants night after night.


His private dance alone would give him fifty percent of the profit and if the man wanted to take it further, more cash would flow Sasha’s way. He hadn’t met a man yet that would say no to someone of his slim stature. Most of the drooling masses along the stage were edging for the twink experience. Sasha excelled in that area.


Cassidy leaned against the doorframe in the back. His dark complexion contrasted nicely with the hot pink halter top he wore. Dressed for the stage but rarely on it, Cassidy only showed his skills on the main stage when one of the many employees of the underground bar turned diva on him.


“Come on, Sasha. I ain’t got all day and neither do you.” Cassidy snapped his fingers. “Your little honey wants you dressed in a little schoolboy outfit and he upped his package to the mirror room.”


The mirror room in the far corner of the back area allowed the client to see their dancer from every angle completely nude. Certain fetishes, for the right price, could be acted out. Sasha had long ago figured out that the fetish scene kept a roof over your head and a rich retirement fund flowing into your bank account. Being sexual was never a problem for him. Sex with men brought him as much pleasure as his johns. The good thing about the relationship was he didn’t have to worry about jealousy if he had multiple partners.


“What’d you need, Cassidy?”


“To give you this.” Cassidy grabbed Sasha by the neck and drew him near. Their lips touched before Sasha drank in a deeper kiss from Cassidy. “Happy birthday, girlfriend. Remember what I told you when you turned eighteen?”


Sasha groaned as Cassidy palmed his crotch. His cock strained against the all too tight shorts.


“Yes. You’d fuck me.” Sasha had teased the hell of out Cassidy to make sure he’d make good on his promise. By all accounts from the other dancers, his trainer enjoyed a long night of sex and foreplay. Sasha had wanted to see how long Cassidy could go.


“Good. Finish up with your fuck me daddy in room three and we’ll get going so you can blow out the candle I got for you.” Cassidy licked across Sasha’s exposed collarbone before leaving him.


Sasha drew in a deep breath. His customer wasn’t waiting for a stiff cock to fondle. The man wanted the innocence of youth, an act Sasha performed better than anyone despite his piercings and unbridle lust to fornicate with a willing male partner.


He locked his cash away in his locker before shimmying out of his shorts. The costume to deck him out as a private school attendant hung on a hook. He dressed and adjusted his bulge to run along the side of one leg. With one last glance in the mirror, Sasha hurried down the hallway to room three. He swung the door wide.


His client sat on the black velvet couch. Along the back, a paddle and various sizes of butt plugs were lined up on the wooden shelf. The man clutched his already erect member as his gaze lingered on Sasha. “I just received word from the school you’ve been in trouble again.” He jerked his cock with every word.


Sasha let the door behind him shut, and he gazed down at the floor. His hands wrung together. His mind raced through memories of the time he first fumbled around with another man. The heated shame at first of what he was doing and how much it excited him. Heat rose in his cheeks, perfecting the image his customer desired for his half hour of time.


“Get over here, young man, and get your punishment.”


“Yes, Sir.” Sasha gnawed on his lip to stifle his grin. He didn’t know who enjoyed the foreplay to come more. Him or the client. Either way, Sasha loved his job more now that his age opened more possibilities within the walls of the Blue Xpress.