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I’ve always been a fan of twisted fairy tales in any form. I once concocted a story where the evil queens were just misunderstood and the princesses were really the ‘bad’ element. however, what I’ve been dabbling in lately is Evernight Publishing’s Naughty Fairy Tales line. Right now I have two available–One based on Little Red Riding Hood and another on Snow White. I have another one in the editing stage based on Hansel & Gretel titled Witches & Lycans which is set in the 1960’s based in the fictitious town of Beowulf Hollow, Pennsylvania.

But right now, let me take you through my inspiration for the Snow White based story The Forest Maiden. First off, I wanted a strong female character in a world where arranged marriages were common place. It has a feel of historical but it’s a fantasy because of the magical elements. I also wanted to have all the classic elements of the story–the apple, the corset whose strings tightened, the poisoned comb, and of course the seven dwarves. Except I changed the dwarves to monks who lived with a vow of silence and deep in the woods. They protect those who protect the forest. Next, I added the huntsman–and her main love. Instead of the evil queen sending him in to kill her, I made it that he was magically bonded to Snow White’s father. Part of an assassin guild, he does the bidding of his master until his death and then things get tricky.

It was important for me to have the elements of the traditional story though the apple ends up being a pear. Eirlys (Snow White), while a hunter, finds herself no match for the Prince her father betrothed in close quarters. She knows the patience of the hunt, not the ferocity of hand to hand. Strong yes, but as we all are she has her weaknesses as well. It’s the human element.


Eirlys Edurne wants nothing to do with the prim and proper world her title endows her. When her father intends to force her to marry a vile Prince from a neighboring kingdom, she takes flight into the forest. Only the thrill of the hunt and the call of wildlife can tame her until a mysterious man invades her campsite. Her guest at her fire mistakes her as one of Earth Mother’s forest maidens. Eirlys uses her feminine wiles to seduce him only to find that her heart has other plans for her mighty warrior. When her father perishes, Eirlys is thrust back into the world she loathes by her stepmother. Will she break free of the woman’s clutches and once again reunite with the man who holds her heart?

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