Sweet Justice

Rachel Ann Nunes had something done to her book A Bid for Love that, in my opinion, is far worse than piracy. Some jerk-wad took her wholesome book, threw in some dirty scenes, and packaged it as her own. Going to the point of lying about its origins and attacking Rachel. The gall of this person was astounding and proved that some people hide behind their computer screen like cowardly little trolls. Anonymity is wielded like a shield. I touched on it briefly in a previous post.

wpid-20140807_000838.jpgI can’t imagine the stress Rachel went through, even trying to give the benefit of the doubt when people were pointing Sam Taylor Mullens out like a certain scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Bravo for her to have all her ducks in a row and acting civilized in the face of a poo-flinging monkey.

But then the layers were pulled back and who this anonymous ‘lets try and delete all the evidence’ exploded into view. FYI, Google has a cache and even if you delete something, if it’s been out there for a bit, a snapshot can be found.

Oh yes, she underestimated the power of some people’s reach. What a moral compass for a teacher! Good gravy! On the plus side, her punishment is going to draw no quarter. This also brings to light true consequences of not only stealing someone’s work but cyberbullying as well. Part of me hopes that this is a trend and people start learning consequences of their actions. The other part hopes that it doesn’t go too far. As in, a simple quote, without permission on a non-profit site, gets a justice hammer swung so hard that someone’s life is ruined over something that never made–or tried to–a dime on.

Still, I watch with a bag of popcorn on this case and hope that the book is thrown at ‘Sam Taylor Mullens’ ala Melissa McCarthy in The Heat.