Contracted: Witches & Lycans

I had a plan at the beginning of the year to write like there’s no tomorrow. Things got in the way of that, whether it was riding the drama llama or edits coming in on a new release followed by promotion. No matter how I cut my excuses, I didn’t get my goal completed. There’s plenty more to go as well but I hope to get back on track.

I had an idea for a series of naughty fairytales spanning through decades. My other two NFTs–The Wolves of Argonne and The Forest Maiden–were pure fantasy settings. So for this series, I wanted to go real world. So I decided to start in the 1960’s. The time period, 1966 to be exact. Now I didn’t want this to become a big political piece. The Vietnam War was during this period. In fact, US troops hit the ground in March of 1965 but to throw that into the mix? In the other books I have planned, it will come up. Why? Because the two main characters in this book will be in the others.

So, for now, here’s what the first Tales from Beowulf Hollow series book is about.


Evernight Coming SoonWitches & Lycans
To Be Published September 2014
Naughty Fairytales Line
urban fantasy

John Hansel and Susan Gretel live in the small town of Beowulf Hollow. Nothing’s more of a drag than having to spend their summer in their backwater home. When Susan hooks up with the local bad boy David at a swinger’s party while her boyfriend John watches, she finds out that he’s more than sexual beast in the sack.

Armed with nothing but innate powers she never knew she possessed and her lover John, Susan’s got to fight back a threat bearing down on Beowulf Hollow. One that starts with a pair of grey eyes belonging to a man who knows every intimate inch of her flesh—David.


While Witches & Lycans will be part of a series of Naughty Fairy Tales, I can’t forget my first two takes that were pure fantasy. So, in that vein, I’m doing a giveaway via Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter,  Use hashtag #KEavenshadeNFT to enter with @KEavenshade. On Fabcebook, find the post with the graphic below and comment. My random winner will win an @copy of The Wolves of Argonne and The Forest Maiden.