Six Months Later

So I rescued a kitten back in November. My son saw her scampering outside. When I put food out for her, I realized that she wasn’t someone’s baby. She was a homeless kitten possibly separated from her mother. This is what she looked like at first:

And this is Bailey today.


Do you believe in fate? I do. Bailey came along for a reason. The first time I held her, she purred and snuggled. ❤

She's loveable and my other two rescues I adopted through Furry Friends Network have accepted her into the fold. So glad she came into my life. 🙂

Three Kitties


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    • I love when I walk into the sunroom and she sees me. She stretches out and waits for me to pet her. Bailey also has a playful side where she makes you chase her. My bed is her favorite napping place.

  1. She is truly a blessing. She found you and you found her. It was meant to be. What an awesome family she has now, thanks to you. You’re a great mommy!! 🙂

    • Nothing makes me laugh more than hearing her trill meow before bolting after or away from one of her sisters.

      She’s also the first one to not only bring toys into my bedroom but to play with them–as I sleep–on the bed.

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