Just One Taste: Talbot’s Ploy

This one began as an entry for an anthology and ended up being too big of a story to contain in ten thousand words. It happens, sometimes, and I don’t really like to rush a story. Besides, Talbot craves attention. While this isn’t the one of chapter one, it is a lengthy and steamy excerpt.

Be warned: graphic m/m sex contained in this excerpt.

TP Cover ArtThe smell of burning sage permeated Talbot’s clothing. He staggered down the hall with a bottle of red wine in one hand and a scantily clad female on his arm. Her perk nipples peeked out of a lacey bodice. He stumbled, and she giggled as she reached for the wine.

Non.” Talbot put the bottle to his lips and finished it off. “Find another to buy you some Bordeaux.”

The hall of the maison, draped with sheer silks and embroidered fabric, curved and warbled in his drunken eyesight. The squeals of pleasure leaked out of the sliver at the bottom of each door. Talbot stumbled to the side as a naked harlot ran giggling past him with a lusty male hot on her trail. He snickered at the fool. A lover should fall graciously into a man’s arms and scream at every ramming thrust from his fleshy stick.

His escort stopped and ran her fingers up the doorjamb to a room. He molded his body to hers as a few other revelers in the brothel passed by. He licked his lips, his gaze wandering the many paths of her lace-covered skin.

She laughed and the door behind her swung wide. Her hand fisted in his shirt. His little minx whorled him around and gave him a playful shove. Talbot lost his balance and tripped, the bed catching his fall. He burst into a fit of laughter, too drunk to care.

She laid her body on top of his. Her lips sought his cheek and tasted before she slid off of him. “Ah, Talbot, someday I shall bed you, but for now your company awaits.” Her gossamer outfit swayed as she left the room. The door closed behind her and locked.

Paris had brought Talbot everything he desired, the most beneficial asset being the underground network for persons with unique tastes. Discreet and alluring, his deepest fantasies came alive within the walls of the brothel. His coin bought him almost anything.

“Where is my whore?” He chuckled.

“You promised you would be sober. And shaved.” Lean and fair skinned, a man draped in nothing but a sheer cloth around his waist walked out from behind one of the many curtains lining the room. He cocked a hip and twirled a finger in his long blond hair. Beneath the revealing fabric, his manhood twitched.

Talbot snorted, rubbing his beard. “I promise nothing, Tyeis, but the pleasure of my prick.” He crooked a finger as he unlaced his breeches.

Tyeis rolled his eyes and tossed the fabric covering his body on the floor. Talbot grinned before dragging Tyeis down on top of him. His kiss was eager, threatening to swallow his lithe consort whole. His lover smelt of rose petals and lavender, soaking oils from a long bath at his request. Talbot’s fingers laced in Tyeis’s long locks as he tugged on his lower lip. A high-pitched moan escaped the small man’s throat.

Talbot sighed, jerking Tyeis away by his hair. “If I wanted a woman to fuck, I would have one.”

His lover sat up, the threat of tears brimming in his eyes. “I am tired of meeting here. Why can we not spirit away somewhere more special?”

“Because men such as we would lose our heads by the blade. We are safe here to indulge.” He ran a finger up Tyeis’s arm and grasped his neck.” Do you not remember what happened when you tempted me at your father’s estate?”

Tyeis nodded. Talbot rubbed the back of his companion’s neck. Down he glided his lover’s mouth to his hardened cock. Talbot groaned as Tyeis rolled his tongue along the shaft.

“Take it all, Tyeis.” Talbot’s breath hitched as Tyeis obeyed, and he smacked the young man’s bare ass. His hands kneaded the fair skin of his companion of the evening. Heavy with need, he wet his fingers. Another muffled moan escaped Tyeis’s throat as Talbot rubbed his puckered opening.

“Tell me to fuck you.” Two digits probed the willing hole of Tyeis. His appetite could not wait. A safe place for him to meet his boyfriend unmolested came too far and few between.

His cock, slick and wet from saliva, broke free of Tyeis’s reddened lips. “Oui, Talbot. Fuck me, my love.”

Talbot swung his legs off the bed as Tyeis moved away, his cock firm in his hand.

“Turn around, Tyeis.”

His partner trembled and a smile of pure bliss spread across his face. A willing partner always, yet Tyeis was not Talbot’s preferred male consort. His cock yearned for another so far away from Paris but not every person he had in his life had the passion for the beauty of another man in bed. With Tyeis, he had a lover eager to please.

“Bend over.” Talbot smacked his palm against Tyeis’s backside. His fingers dug into the tender flesh as Tyeis flattened his palms to the floor. Another slap on the presented morsel and Talbot ran his tongue along the puckered hole. His companion squirmed to his tender caressing. Salvia ran along the crack and seeped in as Talbot shoved two fingers in. His tongue lapped the sensitive area, reveling in the stuttered sigh of Tyeis.

His want to bury himself deep inside the ass he teased and tormented overtook his senses. He positioned Tyeis’s delicate opening over his awaiting cock. Slowly he eased his smaller companion down.

“You are tight. So tight.” Talbot breathed. “Fuck my cock.” He slapped Tyeis’s ass again. His partner slammed down, taking his manhood to the hilt before rising up. He set into a rhythm, and Talbot matched each downward thrust. His nails raked down Tyeis’s back. The pressure built, and he gritted his teeth. A night to fornicate with his favored male did not happen often enough. He wanted it to last longer.

“Faster!” His palm smacked into the reddened cheek. “Oui, Tyeis.” He grasped his lover’s hips, grunting. He wanted his cock to fill his ass completely. Not satisfied, Talbot reared up and snatched Tyeis’s wrists. He increased the speed, gazing down to witness his manhood sliding in and out.

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