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May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead.

Welcome to Breathless Press’s Luck Blog Hop. The quote above is a traditional Irish phrase and one I thought appropriate for my pirate tale Muir Bhreatan. Definitely something the ó Loinsigh brothers would say before taking on a British ship to plunder. Having a wee bit of Irish in me, visiting Ireland was on my bucket list. Thanks to the generosity of my parents, I got to while on a cruise. Unfortunately, thanks to a storm, I didn’t get to see Belfast but Dublin was still doable. While visiting the Guinness brewery would have been a choice for me, my parents had seen it on a land tour and told me I’d appreciate seeing the original site of the Jameson Distillery instead.

They were right.

When in Ireland .... Oh yes. I visited the original site of the Jameson Distillery and got a wonderful tour topped off with some Jameson Whiskey--neat.

When in Ireland …. Oh yes. I visited the original site of the Jameson Distillery and got a wonderful tour topped off with some Jameson Whiskey–neat.

Just more inspiration for my pirate tale. Aedan ó Loinsigh loves his whiskey as much as his brother but while Daithi was a well-known man whore–not that most ladies didn’t mind a toss with him–Aedan was more reserved. Kaitlin, however, has always had her eye on the pirate. Most persons, and there weren’t many, that dwell on the small island where Maiden’s Kiss makes her berth once lived on the mainland. They had their reasons for living in exile and, of course, had to have the tavern’s owner’s permission to stay. Harboring pirates meant death and trust was everything.

Kaitlin’s past might be mystery to Aedan but he never let it hinder his growing love for her. He has his own demons, after all. It was through a bottle of whiskey that they opened up the floodgate of feelings that had been brewing. Think stormy seas crashing against the rocks and sand going into places it was never meant to go. Not that the lovers minded.

Aedan’s long absences came to a head in Muir Bhreatan. Kaitlin sees that her future could hold loneliness and heartache if Aedan would leave and never come back. Perhaps I’ll let you in on her tale as I do have ideas on furthering their story.


How do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Tell me in the comments (and leave an email address) and be entered to win an ecopy of Muir Bhreatan.

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  1. I’m so jealous you took a trip to Ireland. Though I’d love to visit there, Scotland is higher on my bucket list. 🙂
    My family doesn’t really do anything special to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I remember getting wound about it as a kid. Must…wear…green (which didn’t work out so well in high school when all my clothes were black.)

    • Scotland? Beautiful country and wonderful people. I wouldn’t mind living in the Highlands of Scotland. And the castles … OMG …. Kilts …*pants*

    • I found out something interesting. Blue is actually the color the Irish wear. Me thinks that green is the Americanized version. Suits me just well now that my hair is red. 😀

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