Miss Simpkins’ School: Miranda by Raven McAllan

Two things: Hot damn, what a cover! Also, I love historical romance. It’s my absolute favorite kind of romance and Raven sure knows how to frost my muffins. er, wait, that came out wrong. Um, take it away, Raven!

Hi Kastil and thank you for inviting me over. I’m going to chat about all things Regency. Yes, it’s partly because I’ve a book out. Miss Simpkins’ School: Miranda, but also because I love that era. The people, the clothes and the intrigue.

But what makes a Regency Heroine so interesting? It’s a bit like how long is a piece of string isn’t it? And of course not everyone will say the same thing.

That’s one of the reasons I feel so lucky to be an author. I know that not everyone will enjoy what I write but some people will. It would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing.

I’ve always enjoyed history, and the Regency period fascinates me. Beneath the prim and proper veneer of society there was a lot of less prim and proper goings-on. Some were fun, and some a lot darker. And even the most upright citizen could have a murky past—or present.

Women were supposed to ‘lie back and think of England’ ad let the men do as they pleased. I always thought that a fair few would buck the trend.

When I first started writing, I researched a lot and found out that the trend bucking was true. Far from doing as their parents, and husband dictated, a lot of women quietly made sure they got what they wanted out of life.

It made it wasn’t easy, when, once married, a woman had no independence at all, but ladies found their way around that. I realized I wanted to write about those women, and the men they are attracted to.

I’ve discovered none of my heroines conform. They’re feisty, independent, strong willed and know what they want. Not only that they’ll do their damnedest to get it.

The idea for Miss Simpkins’ School came from an earlier book, A Most Unusual Mistress.

Most men had mistresses, both before and during their marriage. Ashley Addersley had decided he’d give up his mistress when he married. However on their last time together, his fiance, Adriana sees them and decides it looks like much more fun to be a mistress, than a complaisant docile wife.

Now happily married, Ash and Adriana decide to back Molly Simpkins so she can run a school to help young ladies get what they want out of their relationships.

Miranda’s story is the third book in the series so far.


Lessons learned at Miss Simpkins’ School is just the education Miranda needs to learn how to seduce her reluctant Lord. Or is it?

Miranda may be a well brought up lady, but she has needs, and she is determined to go after who she wants.

Enlisting the help of Miss Simpkins and her School for Seduction, she sets out to tempt Felix. Men can be so difficult sometimes, and not see what’s right under their nose.

It falls to her to show him that age is just a number. She may be young, but she knows what she wants. And she is determined to get it.

Will Felix be able to resist temptation, or will he finally see sense and claim what’s been his all along.

Little does Miranda know what Felix has in store for her.

She’s known for a while she wants to marry Felix. Who is probably the only man in the ton who doesn’t subscribe to the idea that an older man takes a younger wife…


“You are twenty years younger than me. When you are vibrant, exciting, and in the prime of your life I will be…” Felix hesitated. “Not old exactly, but heading that way. All that aside, I am a man who wants it all. Everything. I would never settle for anything else. I know what I enjoy, and don’t feel it would be fair to subject a young and impressionable lady to my ideals. You need a man who is younger, more virile and less…” He paused to find the word that fitted best. “Less extreme.”

Her eyes flashed and the finger she poked perilously near his cock hurt. “Balderdash. You are scared.” She shook her head and strands of her glorious hair slipped out of the knot it was in. With an impatient gesture, Miranda pulled out the hairpins and let her long auburn hair spiral over her shoulders to caress the top of the globes of her breasts. “Scared.” She repeated.

Her scornful tone stung. Never ever had someone accused him of that. Especially when he was doing his utmost to be chivalrous and not rush his fences with her. He was hurt she should think his caring attitude was thus.

“Unbind me and say that again.” How dare she? Felix had held out against his attraction for too long. Now he would show her. Just once let me feel her. Let me bury myself inside her and experience how it could be. Before I acknowledge she may choose not to stay.

Miranda tilted her head to one side, in the pose Felix knew she used as she contemplated. “And if I do, you promise you will not overpower me and force me to desist?” She bit her lip and he wanted to shout at her to stop. To tell her that the only person to mark her skin would be him, and it would not be in that manner.

“If, after we talk, I demand you do something, I promise it will be in a different dynamic,” Felix said. “You see, Miranda, I have, for want of a better word, darkness in me. Something that people—some people—cannot accept.” He hesitated, not sure how to go on. “I have needs that perhaps other men do not. They are a part of me. A part I cannot deny. And perhaps not things any well-bred lady can accept. For one as young and sheltered as you, I fear they may well be too extreme. In fact maybe I should just say I am too old, too world-wise, and far too jaded for one so young, fresh, and innocent as you.”

He was surprised how those thoughts sent stabs of sadness through him. Never before had he felt so bereft. Miranda appealed to him on many levels, and he had long realized she was perhaps the one person who could bring light to his otherwise dull and lack luster life.

“Maybe you should tell me what is to happen next?” She cocked her head to one side. “I do not believe your so-called darkness is to follow the devil. Well, not the devil, as others see him.”

“No,” he agreed, pleased beyond everything she understood that. “But perhaps my own individual devil?”

Miranda nodded. “We all have one. Even I do, and each is our own. As you can tell, perchance. I find I have discovered that although I may have you at my so-called mercy, I feel you call the shots.” It didn’t sound as if it bothered her overmuch. “My one desire is to be yours as you so desire.”

“Then I can only be glad you have realized and accepted that.” Bound to the bed, albeit with ties he could easily escape, Felix accepted his body quivered with anticipation and his cock was primed and ready to go into immediate action. How to proceed? He took a swift glance toward Miranda who, he decided, looked both adorable and flustered. “Is it talk or action? Or neither?”

He realized it was perhaps time to stop procrastinating and see where their ideas took them. Whether they would mesh or not remained to be seen, but any young lady who could pull off a stunt such as this deserved to be given a chance to explore her inclinations. As long, he allowed, as it was with him alone. There was no chance he would permit her to ply her ideas with anyone else. It seems I am about to give in with a vengeance and say to hang with our age difference. If she is prepared to tie herself to a man twice her age, why am I still dissembling? Anyway, once I show her what I need, she may change her mind. Felix decided he would go for what he wanted. He had nothing to lose. Slowly, he smiled.


He didn’t have to wait for long. With a grin that was part urchin, part houri, Miranda took hold of the silk ribbons that tied across her bosom and oh so slowly pulled on the ends. As the ties loosened and the tiny sleeves began to slip down her arms the smooth skin of her breasts showed ever more over the top of the material.

Felix had never had his mouth go so dry, so suddenly, as at the same time his skin became damp and his cock wet. The sight of Miranda’s nipples as they appeared over the edge of her gown, and the tiny nubs puckered to his gaze, almost became his undoing. It took all of his willpower not to move his hands, and with one swift gesture release them from their bindings. He wanted— no needed— to see what she intended to do.

See what I mean? The sparks will fly. Molly Simpkins has given Miranda courage, as well as tuition. Now all Miranda has to do is show Charles just how good they could be together…

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