Penmonkey Evaluations

From Chuck Wendig’s Blog. I figure I’d give it a whirl.


a) What’s your greatest strength / skill in terms of writing/storytelling?

Scene setting. Descriptions of the surroundings without getting lost in purple prose.

b) What’s your greatest weakness in writing/storytelling? What gives you the most trouble?

Outlines. I loathe them but without some sort of notation, I get lost in the alphabet jungle. What my characters look like half the time? Fuck if I know.

c) How many books or other projects have you actually finished? What did you do with them?

My finished projects, with the exception of some short stories I haven’t bothered to send out to market, have been sold. I have, out there now, 16 publications and about three that are no longer available. When I’ve finished a manuscript and edited it, I send it out right away to a publisher.

d) Best writing advice you’ve ever been given? (i.e. really helped you)

Don’t give up and shake off the rejections. Joining some sort of critique circle is a must. being told that is the reason I’m where  I am in my writing career.

e) Worst writing advice you’ve ever been given? (i.e. didn’t help at all, may have hurt)

The ones who praised every stinking word I wrote and never gave one bit of negative criticism. There’s always room for improvement.

f) One piece of advice you’d give other writers?

Never think your farts don’t stink. Meaning, you’re writing isn’t the golden calf to be worshipped. It’s meant to melted and remade by your hands several times before it’s suitable for a gallery showing, sans the prostrating. When more acceptances come in than rejections, don’t forget the hunger that drove you. It will keep you humble.

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