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Welcome, welcome! So we’re fast approaching that mush-gushy holiday that showcases a shit ton of jewelry commercials on TV. I’m not a girl who goes for jewelry, but I know a lot of girls out there give a big squee on it. Maybe it’s because I’m a tomboy at heart and love sports. Oh  yes, when I see the couples at sporting events proposing–I get mushy gushy.

So what gets you ticking for V-Day? I want to know! Comment below and if you’re not into the holiday, tell me why too. What will this possibly gain you? How about a signed copy of The Romance Novel Book Club? Yep, that’s what I’m going to give out to the answer I deem the most kick-ass.

Evernight Publishing is also doing a giveaway. How do I enter that, you say? Comment on my blog and the other participants (Click here to find them) for more chances. Oh …you want to know the prize? How does a $100 VISA gift card sound? Imagine the books you could buy with that! I’m getting hot and heavy just thinking about it.

Now onto a little fun!

I wrote a whole new scene for this between Matt and Patricia. There’s nothing PG about it so you’ve been warned!


trnbc1S  flowers

I nearly dropped the cuffs as Matt spread his legs wide. That magnificent cock twitched, a pearl of pre-cum beading on the tip. My desire to slide the whole shaft into my pussy nearly broke my designs for him and he knew it. The smirk on his face was one of triumph. When he flicked his tongue out, I shuddered.

“No, you don’t.” I steeled myself and climbed past his thick girth, almost succumbing when he thrust his hips up. The contact called to my carnal lust. I was aware of the heavy panting coming from my lips. As I took his wrists with no resistance, I gasped as his mouth found my overly eager nipple. The slutty areola had hardened into a taut peak for his torturous tongue. Through the groans I unabashedly let fly, I managed to get his hands secured above his head. I stilled, enjoying his manipulations. Not one to neglect my body, I tugged my captured boob from his lips only to replace it with the other.

My whorish moans escalated and my hips betrayed my want for complete control as they ground against his crotch. That gorgeous hunk of man missile between his legs molested my clit. My limbs trembled, and Matt bit down on my nipple. I crashed over the edge of pure ecstasy and unleashed a caterwaul to wake the universe. Wetness coated my inner thighs.

I rescued my nipple from his chattering clutches. My lips covered his and his wicked tongue toyed with mine. I broke away again, sucking in a deep breath. Again he teased me with his mouth. My mind raced into a foggy zone, and my body slid down along his until my fingers grasped his girth. I wanted him inside me bad, balls deep and thrusting but our encounter in the car was too brief for my wanton pussy.

Steading myself above him, I caressed my fingers along my slit. The heavy-lidded stare from Matt announced a brief victory. My hips swayed and his hands jerked against the restraints.  I grabbed them to still his impatience before lowering my moist pussy to his awaiting lips. One flick across my clit almost had me coming again. I leaned forward and suckled on one of his fingers. His lips surged up and buried themselves into my apex. His ravenous hunger to taste me, touch me, and consume me had me rolling in wave after wave of orgasms. He lapped and savored each one, his groans of pleasure the tell-tale sign.

He was the one cuffed and helpless, or so I thought when I started this game, but his machinations below had me hoisting the white flag. I move down to his awaiting manhood and greeted it with my mouth. My desire still lingered, sweet and musky, and I allowed his cock to enter as far as I dared. I have far many more days to attempt swallowing him whole. My tongue lavished the underside, gently swiping his sac. My resolve shattered.

I eased myself up to his hips, my hands around his shaft. The tip slithered along my slit a few times and I grinned down at him.

“Patricia.” His voice was nothing short of lustful and wanting. Both of us had surrendered in our own way.

I let out a brief sigh of his name before his cock penetrated my lower lips. My body accommodated him as if we were meant to be. Slow was my descent, savoring inch and after of his mammoth cock gliding into me. At the last moment, he thrust up and I wailed again. My hands pressed against his chest as his hips stabbed up to greet my every downward thrust. Fuck, it was infinitely better than our tryst in the car. I was riding my stud with vigor. Nothing mattered beyond the passionate love making. His eyes, those darkly handsome orbs, stabbed my very soul and claimed it. The sinful ways I planned to acquaint ourselves in bedroom activities danced merrily in my head as I came for the billionth time. The strain on his face as he pumped into me was heavenly. Matt cried out, giving one last forceful thrust. His cock pulsed as he let loose.

I collapsed on top of him, my limbs weary. My tingling flesh twitched in delight. Sated didn’t describe it near enough.


“Ummm?” My head was giddy, and I snuggled closer on his chest.

“You are going to uncuff me, right?”

I glanced up at him, his eyebrow arched. “And let my suspect escape? I’m not finished interrogating you yet.”

“Is that so?”

I grinned like a Cheshire cat. “Yep.”

“Rawr.” He waggled his eyebrows. “You’ll never break me, copper.”

Oh I intended to try—and fail—numerous times before this day ended. Yes, indeed.

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  1. I really love Valentine’s day the chocolate and the flowers did I mention the chocolate yum. I really love getting flowers but I have a cat that goes crazy for them and he either try’s to eat them or he knocks the vase over spilling all of the water so this year I told my husband not to get me any because I know my crazy cat would just ruin them so I am kind of bummed this year! I really enjoyed this excerpt I have this on my tbr list already . Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh I know all about cats and flowers. I had fresh cut roses from my garden on the kitchen table and forgot to put them up. I had a huge mess in the morning but luckily the crystal vase survived. Ah the guilty looks on my fur babies’ faces.

  2. Rings would be nice. Flowers too, but I like different kinds. Chocolate is awesome as well. But I don’t need these things to feel wanted, needed, or loved. I have the proof of that with my children and husband of 17 years.

  3. The best gift that I would love is some Hardback/Paperback books by many of my favorite authors. Don’t care for chocolate, flowers die and I barely wear jewelry but will reread a book from my favorite authors priceless.


  4. I´m not much for Valentine´s, we might eat something nice together, but we usually don´t do fancy. =) I´m a simple kind of girl LOL Let me buy my books, and I´ll be happy any day of the year. Could be that we in Sweden don´t do big Valentine´s or Alla Hjärtans, as it´s known here. It´s more laidback here.
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Friday!

    1. I didn’t get to Sweden on my cruise but I did get to Norway. If your country is as beautiful as I saw there, it’s romantic all year around. 🙂

  5. actually i don’t rally get that into it. although i always make sure i get something for my nieces and nephews. mainly i don’t celebrate it because i am single and as a disabled person (with huge bandages on my legs and a cane) i don’t get asked out often, unless it’s a family thing. so i just don’t worry about it and spend it with my family and spoil the kids instead. 🙂

    tammy ramey

    1. Great idea! I think the concept of Valentines Day is to celebrate the ones you love, so it’s not just for couples IMO. When my nieces were younger, I used to get them a little box of candy too. Now they’re all grown up and have families of their own. Where does the time go?

  6. Honestly, I don’t put much thought into Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong. I understand the concept behind it, and I appreciate it. But I also think that it’s an excuse to put on a show doing things that should be done more often than on a certain day. Thank you

  7. Kim Talbot pretty much worded my feelings on the topic.
    With that in mind;
    The biggest gift a woman could offer me(I’m a male) is:
    Kneel before me and present me the collar she WANTS me to put around her neck.

    Nope: Not suggesting she bought the thing; that’d be part of MY duties…
    Best would be she’d agree on one I crafted for her myself.

  8. I wouldn’t say I’m a giant lover of V-Day but I think it can be super sweet and a really great time if you want it to be. I just find the commercialism of love disturbing. This year some friends and I are getting together and having an anit-valentine’s day movie marathon of scary movies, so I’m excited about that, and there will be lots of chocolate so it will kind of be like valentine’s day!
    Thanks for the chance and for the excerpt (I liked that there was nothing PG about it!)
    Jenni Jacobs

    1. I love it! I also do not like the commercialization of the holiday. They make love sound like something that can be bought. The marathon idea is great.

  9. Cute and hot excerpt. Loved the playfulness.
    I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but I love chocolate.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  10. I’m not big on flowers, cards and jewelry so if I could come home and the whole house be clean, that would be enough for me. Oh and some Godiva chocolate.

  11. I didn’t get married until I was 43 after many years alone, so I’m like a little kid when it comes to Valentine’s Day and the other couples’ stuff I finally get to do. My husband will probably make me jewelry (he’s good at that), but my favorite thing is when he gives me the biggest heart-shaped box of candy he can find at the drugstore. I use the box to hold the love notes he gives me throughout the year, along with drawings the kids made, etc.

  12. I don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day.
    I usually stay home and read.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  13. We both have really busy lives and work a lot. Holidays seem to be the one time we both make an effort to spend time together, just talking or playing chess or sitting next to each other reading.


  14. Hi! Happy Valentines! Great post! I dont really celebrate valentines. I usually stay home and read a good book! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

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