Unfinished Projects, One Year Later

Progress Bar PNG I thought, to further challenge myself into finishing my projects, I’d take a look at the beginning of 2014 at the original post and see if I managed to finish–or expand–anything. Well, here we go!

Fate’s Path I: 51K

Fate’s Path II: 27K

Triggers: 29K

Once a Thief: 55K* (sequel to Triggers)

Pale Dragon: 28K*

Mischief & Mayhem, Assassins for Hire: 53K*

Journey of the Damned: 6K

Raven: 10K (have the idea for the second in this series)

Anubis Arises: 11K

The Forest Maiden: 10K* Finished, submitted, and accepted by Evernight Publishing March 2013. Total word count: 22K.

Slave to the Sands: 4K*

Children of the Winter: 16k

Space Shippers (WT): 3K

Cadaver Dave: not even really started about 150 words

The Case of Mr Wolfe: 3K (short story)

Sorrow’s Harvest: 3K (short story)

Saving Maria: 1K (short story)

Last Kiss: 2K (short story)

By the Pale Moon: 1k (short story)

(I’ve noted the NaNo piece with a ‘*’)

Of course, no list is complete without naming my other bastard child I managed to pop out in the last year too:

Muir Bhreatan: 20K Finished, submitted, and accepted. release date of February 14th.

Devin and the Playboy: 18k

Befallen: 51K* (this is a YA novel)

As you can see, I didn’t touch any of my past projects. In fact, for next year, I’m going to eliminate all the short stories listed. I’m not going to work on them at all as that’s not the direction my writing is going for this year. I’ve noted them in blue above. Of course, this list does not contain the projects I will start in this year. I will make a page to mark my progress on these.

This list also doesn’t include things like Talbot’s Seduction because I started and finished that one in 2013. Time to start 2014!