Just One Taste: Talbot’s Seduction

One thing I found out after Talbot’s Ploy was on the market for a bit was Talbot wasn’t a very likeable character. Arrogrant and rude, he seemed to stop at nothing to get what he wanted. While I knew the back story of how he ended up like he was, I didn’t spend a great amount of time explaining it. I didn’t want to bog down the story. Still, it needed to be told. Again, I thought an anthology would do the trick. Talbot begged to differ. What an attention whore.

This is the first chapter of Talbot’s Seduction.

talbots-seduction MOCKTalbot laughed and clutched his side. Across from him, his good friends Landis and Delron shook their heads. Never one to be discouraged by admonishment in any form, Talbot dug his elbow into his best friend Maxime beside him. The ride back to the estate of Talbot’s parents had been a rousing experience in conversation. While Maxime and Talbot had no qualms about regaling in their sexual adventures, their other two friends were more reserved.

At least while in public.

In the comfort of their estates or a maison, Delron and Landis practiced their sexual prowess with gusto. Both had shared one woman, feverishly sating her while enjoying the pleasure equally. Had Talbot and Maxime not used a hidden passage to spy on their friends, they would not have believed a word of it.

Talbot and Maxime, on the other hand, were taken at their merit. Both men bore no shame for their carnal needs. The giggles of prim and proper ladies at any social gathering about the two rogues, and the wary glances of nervous fathers, could not be ignored. It took but one witnessing of Talbot’s father scolding the two for self-pleasure in a private part of the gardens on the estate for Delron and Landis to never question their friends again.

Talbot never mentioned that women only entered the fray of his lust after he had drunk himself into oblivion. The willing ladies cared not as they enjoyed him just as much half awake. Talbot relied on Maxime to tell him of his exploits. His friend would not boast unjustly, and his other two companions protested too much.

“We know, Delron, that your chivalrous tone is but an act. You stick wick into a wet woman at every turn. That we further the experience while with each other’s company is of no great concern,” Talbot scoffed.

“Unless your father does find us again.” Maxime chuckled.

“Better mine than yours.”


Maxime’s father gave new meaning to a master with a whip. Each word driven into his son was barbed and without compassion in a harsh tongue flaying. Talbot would miss his friend when he moved out of Paris next spring to Varanguebec. He would be the only one of their merry group to remain in the city. Landis and Delron merely visited while their fathers were on business.

“Remember your tryst with that little vixen from Italy?” Talbot nudged Maxime.

Oui. The face of a man, I swear, but the sweetest treat while my cock lay inside.” Maxime grinned. “You were half in your cups yet she serviced you quite well.”

“My father’s wine cellar will be the death of all my blissful memories yet.” The carriage shifted, and Talbot crashed into Maxime, only furthering the mirth. An angry shout from outside gave a small indication of why the carriage pitched.

“Talbot, Talbot. This is way I keep you from my sister. Such behavior would be unwelcome.” Delron waggled his finger.

Oui, oui. Because you have never self-pleasured. Women beg to suckle upon your cock.” Talbot ribbed Maxime. “We are but friends and no law states that I cannot put hand on my manhood.” Talbot cupped his groin. “Perhaps it is jealousy for my size.”

“You exaggerate.” Delron pursed his lips.

Maxime sniggered. “You forget I have bared witness to his family jewels. I dare say he will have no seed to spill within a woman if he does not keep hand from shaft.”

“Bah.” Talbot waved them off. “My father has arranged for me to marry Sabine in due time. After my proper education has completed.” He rolled his eyes. Though he had no desire for any other profession and loved wine more than any willing wench who happened to fall into his arms, the thought of boring days learning how grapes turned to wine brought a scowl to his lips.

“I am sure he will tame your cock by way of the maison before then.” Landis picked at his sleeves.

Talbot smoothed out his rumpled tunic. Landis, among them, worried about his appearance far too much. Society expected the young lords to not dress like the scoundrels they acted. The ruffled styled tunics never appealed to Talbot but his mother insisted on a collection of fine brocaded jackets and breeches to match. He kept most of them hidden away for special occasions. Going to the tavern with his friends was hardly worth the effort to dress his station. With Sabine as his chosen wife-to-be, Talbot didn’t see much prospect in wooing a woman for sport. The very idea bored him. Or, at least, he convinced himself his lack of effort was due to his impending marriage. His father would hardly be enthused should a lady of the lesser stock knock on their door full with Talbot’s child. Best he spilled his seed to the ground than fertilize the wrong fields. The ladies at the brothels, at least, took precautions if some young lord forgot to withdraw from his pleasure.

“Which tavern have you picked for us this day, Landis?” Talbot asked.

“Knowing your distain for proper attire, Talbot, I have picked a middle ground. High enough that our fathers will not turn our ears out but not low enough that we will not find willing company for our table.”

“Ah, should we have a bet as to whose rapier plucks a flower first then?” Talbot grinned.

“I say if we do not find sport, Talbot must pay for a trip to the maison.” Delron smirked.

Talbot skimmed his hand along the small purse tucked under his tunic. He’d spent most of his allowance this week on gambling and wine. A trip to the maison, with his sexually charged mates, would cost far more than he could muster.

“Agreed,” Maxime said.

“Spending my money again, Maxime?” Talbot arched an eyebrow at his friend.

“But mon ami, when has your quick tongue not sampled fruit as of late? Surely company for your friends would be an easy feat?”

Talbot smiled thinly. His reputation far exceeded the truth. If he’d slept with all the women his friends claimed, his cock would be begging for reprieve. His mouth curved into a wicked grin. “First to pump the wench into bellowing out his name wins and buys the next round of drinks on our next venture. Agreed?”

His friends nodded and each clasped his hand. Talbot never liked losing and he’d make sure he didn’t, even if it cost him his last écu.