Free Read: Holly

I understand it. Sometimes when you try a new author, they don’t measure up to your standards. I’ve had it happen to me and it was during a time when I’d by a whole trilogy on the blurbs alone only to be greatly disappointed. The others got read just because I put my hard-earned money down on them. In this economy, that gets harder to do.

So, I’ve joined many authors over at Evernight Publishing in offering a free read. So if you’ve ever wanted to try out my writing and were afraid to spend the money, here’s your chance!



After being dumped last year on Christmas Eve, Chris has tried to forget the girl who broke his heart and made him afraid to commit. When that magical time of the year comes around again, a beautiful vixen visits him in his dreams and fulfills his wildest fantasies. Only she turns out to be a flesh and blood elf from the North Pole. No matter how much he tries to distance himself from mysterious Holly, he can’t get her out of his mind. He hatches a plan to keep her from disappearing so he can finally ask her why she torments him body and soul. Is it lust or is it love? Only Holly knows and it’s going to take all of Chris’s resolve to find out before he falls for her charms.

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