The Shame of Black Friday

I work in retail. Luckily, I work in a place where 5am Black Friday deals aren’t the norm. I have done exactly three Black Friday shopping sprees in my lifetime. One I stood in line at Circuit City for a few things–and calmly read a book while waiting in line. The second was Target. Again I entertained myself by reading a book and I wove through the store in an impossible line hoping I didn’t pee myself. The third was Best Buy for a few things. Guess what I was doing while I waited? Each time, I wasn’t going for the television or computer deals. I had specific things I wanted and I got them all without the madness. Heck, I went to the local Game Stop at midnight for a PS3 for my son ten minutes before they opened and beat the crowd because most people huddled in their cars because it was cold. Pfft … I’ve been to football games colder than that night was.

burrowt’s been a long time since I went to anything resembling the Black Friday Madness. This year I went to Petsmart to get a few things to spoil my kitties–after I my workday had ended. So I went in around 4pm and got everything–and then some–that I wanted. I even got some good deals at Michaels.

The problem I have with Black Friday is the commercialism it represents. Like if I don’t get a 100″ LED TV for $200 I’m not the best gift giver in the world. Well fuck that shit, people. Since when does waving an invisible Black Friday boner make you a better gift giver? Yes, I know that us being consumers helps create jobs and whatnot but it also creates utter chaos. Is this the legacy you want to leave your children? It’s okay to bowl someone over and injure them to get the last My Little Pony or whatever the latest trend is this year? (And fuck you, Microsoft… I’m not buying your latest Xbox console, you soul-sucking sonsofbitches) Does it make you a bad person because you didn’t give the best gifts? (Suck my ass, Sony. You’re not getting my money either)

And don’t think I’m going to get all religious about this either with the ‘reason for the season’ BS. Sure I go to church and I participate in my choir but I’m not going to get preachy. It’s a bit hypocritical considering what I write. Well, to some it would be. I just want this crap to stop and for us to treat each other the way we want ourselves to be treated. This guy got it right, IMO. No one is more important than anyone else.

Don’t worry about what someone else is doing with their life or how big their pile is under the tree. Learn to appreciate all that you have, not all that you want. You’d be surprised how much of a burden will be lifted from your shoulders. The only one that can royally fuck up your shit is you.


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  1. Pretty much. It’s not worth getting injured just to save 30 bucks on something that you can wait for a sale for the next year or wait for the price to go down when something newer comes out. Technology depreciates so rapidly anymore. I remember when a blu-ray player was so expensive and now you can get a decent model for under $100 if you wait for a sale.

    Yes there are things that I WANT, but do I really need them? Not at this point anymore.

  2. Well said. Most of my gifts this year will be homemade because I can’t afford the crap out there, even at Black Friday prices. And who wants to get trampled or shot in the parking lot? Everyone has forgotten the reason we celebrate the holidays. I’d be completely happy if my entire family was together and nothing more. I shake my head at the tv when the commercials come on. Buy, buy, buy, and the ones featuring the kids telling the parents what to get them? What the heck? Sure, I’d love to give those I love a nice gift they’ve been wanting, but I’m not made of money. Homemade cookies, gifts and a signed copy of the anthology my short story is in will be about all they get. Oh, and lots of hugs. If they aren’t happy with that, then that is their problem, not mine.

    • I’m the cookie make in the family and I make special containers of Russian Tea cookies for each member. Seriously ,they fight over them. I’m also doing homemade gifts to my siblings. My mother gets gift certificates/coupons for the local tea house. My dad is the only one who gets a gift certificate because he’s a book whore. My son will get t-shirts, geek style.

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