Out of the Cold

Well, I normally post on Wednesdays or at least try to but the combination of NaNo and another factor prevented that. For a couple of weeks now, we’ve noticed a kitten running amuck in the yard. It just didn’t feel right, not like the adult cats that had come around causing a ruckus with my two rescue kitties. My kitties actually seemed interested in this wee stray hanging around the yard.

My son told me he’d seen the kitten on the porch. Of course she’d run when he’d approach. So I put some of the cat food I had out. I couldn’t imagine anyone allowing their kitten outside like that. Sure enough, the food got gobbled. I bought some kitten food so the wee one got the nutrients she needed. I watched from behind the glass as she approached the porch to munch. Any attempt to go outside had her running to under the neighbor’s RV.

Since I was getting my sun porch redone, I moved the food there. I figured she’s a smart little one and would find it. She did and chowed down again but I was getting worried. Winter is coming, to coin a phrase, and the weather is about to get ugly. I put out a blanket in a plastic tote hoping she’d snuggle in that. No such luck though on a particularly windy night, she lingered on the porch. No way could I catch he by hand. I’m slower than my younger kitten catching days and she’s quick.

I contacted Furry Friends Network, saying I’ll foster the wee one myself but I need a live trap to get her. The first night she outwitted the trap and I was heartbroken. It was windy as heck outside. The second day I got a surprise.


Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen….

I got her! She was wet (knocked into her water dish trying to escape the cage) and very scared. The good thing is she’s not feral, just a frightened kitty. I have her in ‘solitary’ because she needs to be checked out by the vet. Unfortunately, I might have to wait until after Thanksgiving because they’re really booked. The good news is that Bailey (as I’ve named her) is out of the cold. She purrs for me and I’ve heard her meow. I look forward to watching her grow and explore. Perhaps after she’s cleared and is released into “gen pop”, my girls will show her the ropes on how to be a healthy, happy kitten.