The Amazon Erotica Debacle

If you haven’t heard about it, I suggest you read up here. All I can say is good grief and holy chokes on dick, Batman. Here’s the rub… it’s not just self published erotic romance. In fact, several of the authors at Evernight have had their books pulled too and I’ve heard from authors of other publishing companies the same is happening to their books. Now it’s about policing what you can name your books now as well. I’ve been spared this, perhaps because my book names aren’t super slutty (HAH! Obviously they aren’t reading them!) or they haven’t got around to my cunt punch yet. Regardless, it’s happening and we should all be lining up for a good old fashioned protest.

Look, I don’t want to see incest, teenaged graphic sex, or rape fantasies in any form. Hell, that dino erotica busting out disgusts the hell out of me. I have no problem with seeing that stuff nuked from orbit. The problem is, like the article linked above states, you’re not going to see VC Andrews’ Flower in the Attic pulled from the virtual shelves of Amazon or Kobo. I’d be surprised if it did…like “I’m coming Elizabeth!” surprised. I bet most people know what happened in that particular book without actually reading it.

I’ve seen too many sweeping generalizations lately and it’s starting to piss me off. Being a self published erotic romance doesn’t mean you’re dealing with taboo subjects. Trust me when I say there are publishers–none that I deal with, thank goodness–that will take and publish depraved shit and not bat an eyelash.

This title would get yanked faster than Evan Stone's junk at a bachelorette party.

This title would get yanked faster than Evan Stone’s junk at a bachelorette party.

So why, I ask you, if they claim that it’s a self-publishing issue, are books being pulled that publishers–established publishers who agree to your terms–being pulled because they have something like “captive” in the title. I don’t get it and when it comes to corporations, I think for the most part they don’t care.

So, as readers, what can we do? Well, for one thing, There are more fish in the sea than Kobo, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. For example, check out All Romance eBooks or Bookstrand. It doesn’t matter what eReader you have, they have ANY format you want. Also, while I haven’t seen this happen personally or to anyone I know, I have heard rumors of books disappearing from Kindles when the book is deleted. Buy from another source instead of getting sucked in (and I do, believe me) to the one-click button of joy. One way we can stand up to this censorship is to go elsewhere for our naughty little nibbles. I encourage self publishing authors to seek out the sites I mentioned and get set up to sell there.

Here’s an interesting fact for you… My publisher–Evernight Publishing–always discounts new releases. So, you buy your books, at a discount, and safely tuck them on your computer to load to your eReader at your leisure. It’s really that easy. Ever copy a file to a thumbstick? It’s that simple. Another direct from publisher site is Breathless Press. They have a program titled “Friends with Benefits” you might want to check out. So, for example, if you wanted to get something for your Kindle, you’d download a .mobi or .prc file.

Just google the publisher of the book you want from your favorite romance writer and go from there. And spread the word about your direct from the publisher places. Maybe it will make a dent, maybe it won’t. Either way, I think I’ll be giving gift certificates from my publisher for any future blog tours.


A friend of mine set me a link to this article. It’s worth the time to read it.


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  1. It should be against the law for them to delete it off your kindle. You paid for it, it’s yours. I hate that bit. I hate all of it. A friend of mine has a noir called Hooker and Blowe (name of the characters!) and the cover is obviously noir, man in a suit a la Dick Tracy, and it’s been pulled (published with a very small publisher, so not Indie). It’s a witch hunt pure and simple.

    • I heard about that one and it’s shameful. It shows that they’re not doing a good job of filtering the actual book content. It proves it’s a half-assed process.

  2. I love buying books that I want to read. I love Evernight as an agency so don’t get me wrong when I say this, I don’t like Evernight as a place to get my books from. The problem is, I love the text to speech feature because I can listen while working and if you don’t have a computer then someone like me, just can’t use it.
    I would just like for people to know that it’s certain authors that joined together to make this happen. I had my name’s on Goodreads nice and neat. If I had books by Sylvia Day, it just had her name for the bookshelf. Well Goodreads decided to get rid of them. I looked for Sylvia Day’s shelf and it had been removed along with others. I cant add author’s like Jessica Sims, Tina Folsom, and others.
    I get upset when authors like J.R. Ward up and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is just as bad as any series I’ve read before. The books that I had on Sylvia Day’s shelf were books she wrote when she went by SJ Day snd there wasn’t anything erotica to it. Goodreads said it was because of authors writing in and calling them and that’s why things were removed but where’s our rights at?I think I could have been and others could’ve got a warning so we could fix it. This happened a couple of months ago before things started being removed from stores amd what not. I would be happy to sign a petition to get these books back on the shelves.
    I think it’s really because erotica is a big time seller right now and some authors just can’t handle the heat. Erotica is outselling other authors books right now. I think it’s funny to see 70 and 80 yr old women immersed in a great erotica story but I guess it’s killing other authors see their ratings drop. All the nosy busy bodies needcto work on their writing and leave other people the crap alone.

  3. I think it’s all a bunch of bull crap and honestly it’s usually the readers and such that start this. The credit doesn’t go to us anymore, not this time. It’s due to other authors for books getting pulled from stored and such.

    I guess it was a few months ago Goodreads decides not to inform the readers that they would be taking down items. I was one of those people. I was later sent a letter from another friend who was just mad as hell. The letter was from Goodreads or the one’s that created it. It said items were removed because of AUTHORS COMPLAINANTS. Now it seems that since Goodreads did what was asked they have decided to take it even farther.

    I had one shelf removed like Sylvia Day but I had others removed also and you can’t add more shelves either that have sexual content. This isn’t an Indie author thing either, it’s happening to all authors that write anything sexual. Well, the books I had on my shelf for Sylvia Day was when she wrote under SJ Day. Not much sexual there.

    It really boils down to erotica has become a big time industry and it’s selling. It’s on top and some authors just cant take the heat, well get the hell out then! I should and everyone else should be able to go tto places we love and purchase books!

    I love Evernight as a Publishing company but I don’t nor won’t purchase book from them. This is why, I own a Kindle and I enjoy using the text to speech when I’m busy doing things. I don’t own a computer or laptop so I can’t convert the ebooks to the format for text to speech. I’m sorry but I can’t. I did buy a book from there and discovered I would have to read it. I don’t have time to do that. I home they don’t get rid of Bookstrand and All Romance because there I can get my books in the text to speech format. I hate this is happening because I’ve hand written two short erotica stories and I am waiting for a computer to use to getvit typed so I can send to a few agencies. I’m not sure if I’m going to have to change my content or rethink and write something else. I’m confused and upset for the companies.

    • Angela–I apologize profusely but your comments ended up in the spam folder. I don’t know why. I was out of town so I didn’t see until just now.

      I’ll have to ask Evernight about the text to speech feature.

  4. I’d heard whispers of this going on, but hadn’t realized it was so serious. WTH?

    As usual, you crack me up, Kastil. No wonder you’re one of my top 3 fav erotica writers. 🙂

    • Thanks Terri. 🙂

      Unfortunately this is happening. Amazon, plain and simple, needs a filter put in place for self-published books. I don’t know if publishers have a contract or whatever to deal with Amazon but maybe they do. Regardless, I’ll be happy as a clam to send readers to Bookstrand or All Romance eBooks or, even better, direct to my Publishers.

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