Inspiration Through Photography

Unknown IslandsEver wonder where authors get their inspiration? It could be the simplest things, like a car ride or just observing life around you. One way I do this is through photography.

On my recent trip overseas, I happened to be on the balcony of my stateroom reading when I saw an outcropping of rocky isles. I grabbed my camera and took a series of shots. The spark happened right there.

You see, I’m working on a historical romantic pirate story. What this shot did for me is give the pirates a good place to hide out. I can’t recall exactly where this was taken but it was along the The North Channel–Irish Sea–Saint Georges Channel area. Perfect.

So take a look at it and imagine a ship anchored along those rocky isles and hidden deep within is a tavern catering to pirates aiding their heavily taxed kinsman. This haven gives them the freedom to find crew from the mainland and stay away from the British ships hunting them. It’s also where love blooms and lasses wait for their returning men.

This is my inspiration for Muir Bhreatan.


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