Just One Taste: The Heat of His Kiss

The Heat of His Kiss is a continuation of Dream Weaver. However, it’s Mandy Weaver’s story. It’s her time to find her true mate and the man she’ll spend the rest of her days with. Enjoy this first chapter.

THOHK1M“I’m back.” Mandy’s smile faded as she walked through the door. Her two dinner guinea pigs, before a power outage shut the evening down, sprawled on the couch naked.

Colin, his short blond hair disheveled, jumped off the couch. His face flushed a deep crimson, and he scrambled to pick up his discarded clothes off the floor. Justin, on the other hand, stretched his arms out to give her an ample view of his manhood at half-mast. His aquamarine skin shimmered, and his damp silver hair lay across his shoulders. More like a brother to her, the fae had no qualms about parading around nude for all to bask in his maleness.

“Damn,” he drawled, “I’d hoped you would take a little longer.” He caught Colin’s hand and eased his lover back onto the couch. “Relax.”

Colin, the brilliant shade of rouge spreading to the rest of his exposed flesh, stuffed his pilfered clothes on his lap to hide some of his nakedness.

“Don’t expect him to be as comfortable parading himself in front of a woman like you are, Justin.” Mandy put the bags in her hands on the kitchen island. “Please, Colin. If it makes you more comfortable, put your clothes on. I won’t watch.” She presented her back to the man as a gesture of good will. Besides, she grinned to herself, she’d already gotten a decadent peek at his package. Justin had broken the curse laid on him a long time ago by Aphrodite by finding his mate.

“I’m happy for you, Justin.” Sadness crept into her voice, her journey in seeking her mate in the human realm not over.

“Well, that’s comforting.” Justin snorted. “And you’ve succeeded in clothing my boyfriend. I’m happy for you.”

The thick sarcasm rolled off Justin’s tongue, and Mandy sighed. “You should have called me and warned that you were mating!”

“By the gods, Mandy!” Justin scowled. “Don’t use such base words for what I’ve found with Colin.” His skin shimmered, the iridescent tones shifting to a more human complexion.

“I should go.” Colin said.

“No. Stay.” Justin ran his hands through Colin’s matted hair.

Mandy saw Justin’s lover tense. The growing bulge in his tight jeans illustrated the persuasive power of her brother’s caress. A tiny tremor started in her lips. The dissatisfaction of being without a mate soured the mood for her. The days grew shorter, and the chances of finding her one true love lessened with each passing hour.

“Damn you, Eros,” she muttered under her breath. A smile, a bit forced, blossomed on her face and she strode over to her Justin and his mate. Her arms wrapped around them in a light hug. “Sorry I walked in on you.” Rising up on her tip toes, she planted a kiss on both of their cheeks.

Colin visibly relaxed, which was all she could hope for.

“I call Justin my brother or husband, during his quest to find his perfect match. It is our way where we come from. For the fae, there is no distinction between who our lovers will be. Our urges are stronger when we find our mates.” She grinned, arching an eyebrow.

“So?” Colin’s question begged for more of an explanation.

“No, my new found brother. Colin has always preferred males. I just played a role to keep him safe until his soul mate revealed himself.” She’d been accepting of her brother’s sexuality since the first time she caught him in a compromising position back in the fae realm. For their species, whoever one choose as a companion carried no punishment. They were free to love whomever they wished. It was the debauchery and not caring for the heart that led to their downfall.

She kept her promise to hide Justin’s secret close to her heart, never wavering. Some humans judged same sex relationships as an abomination. She posed as his wife to keep the closed minded fools from belittling his choice of a partner. The human world never understood that one did not choose their mate. The joining of souls and the joy of copulation knew no gender roles. She had dabbled many times before they were cursed into their human forms.

“I got khanom chin namya, chuchi pla kaphong, and khao phat. Thai food at its best.” Mandy took it all out of the bag and arranged it on the kitchen island. “I have that author signing tomorrow at the library so you’re on your own. Sort of.” She winked at them, getting a chuckle from Colin. She picked up her chopsticks and dug in.

Although she tried to concentrate on the food, seeing the slight signs her brother and Colin gave each other gnawed at her. A heat rose from her core, the thrill of their attraction exciting her. Beautiful and delightful, it took all of her will not to paw at Colin. His aura gleamed at every touch by Justin. Colin only dabbled in men and even if she tempted him with her wiles, he wouldn’t fall under her spell. She blamed her overactive hormones on the pheromones still hanging in the air from the love birds copulating.

“I’m going to go.” She pushed away from the island. “I want to be fresh for the morning.” She gave them a chaste kiss and took a moment to breathe in Colin’s scent. It reaffirmed his aura and her libido deflated. If she needed to, she’d use him again to calm her raging sex drive. For a fae to walk out on the streets in heat would invite the worse kind of man to her bed and a lifetime to wash away the memories.

Her eyes squinted at the spent bottle of oil in the small living room. “Ugh, Justin. Really? That was imported Italian olive oil.”

“And damn did it baste a tasty sausage.” He winked at her.

She chuckled, biting her bottom lip to stop from laughing. “Well played, brother. Goodnight.” She left the apartment with a flick of the fingers for a wave. Her chest tightened, the impeding loneliness creeping into her skin. Her brother would never abandon her willfully but when a fae found their mate, the bond made the outside world dull and fuzzy in their life. He wouldn’t intentionally cut her out of his life but the power of having Colin to share his dreams with would override his priorities.

Her chin jutted out and her lips pressed together. “I won’t let you win, Eros. I will find my mate and return to where I belong and leave this human realm far behind.”

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