An Irresistible Shadow by Kirsten S Blacketer

Please welcome Kirsten S Blacketer to The Eclectic Zaftig Chick. She’s with Breathless Press–a publisher that has every type of romance you could think of. An Irresistible Shadow has an amazing cover. It would definitely get picked up by my hands. Let’s see what tasty morsel she’s brought to share!

An Irresistible Shadow by Kirsten S Blacketer

Hello everyone!  Thank you, Kastil, for hosting me on your blog today.  I want to introduce my debut novel, An Irresistible Shadow.  It is set in medieval England, 1329 to be precise, in a little barony on the border with Scotland.  This was a very hard time to write about.  It was ripe with treason and strife.  Tension between nations caused rifts that even tore families apart.

I wanted to tell the story of a woman who wanted more than to be a prize to the highest bidder, a piece of property to be bartered.  A woman who refused to be defined by a man.  Her journey serves both her family and her duty to the barony, while also providing her with insight to better herself.

The Shadow Guardian is a man.    Strong, loyal, witty, and practical, he hides in the shadows protecting those in his charge. Against her will, he serves Lady Evelyn, and he opens her eyes to possibilities that she never thought existed.

Put these two together and you are sure to get fireworks.  Lady Evelyn has been begging me to tell her story since I was fifteen years old.  So I did…and I enjoyed every moment of it.    Here is an excerpt from my novel, An Irresistible Shadow.  I have also included the link to purchase the ebook.  Thanks and enjoy!


“What is it you want from me?”

“I am a shadow guardian.” He leaned toward her. “My purpose is to protect you from harm, even if it means protecting you from yourself.” His voice was velvet soft.

“Who holds your allegiance?”

“You, princess,” he responded.

“You can address me with my proper title, Lady Evelyn,” she admonished, throwing the ruined flower to the floor to grind it beneath her slipper.

“You aren’t angry.” He took a step closer. It was a statement, not a question.

“Aye, but I am,” she said, setting her jaw and boldly glaring at him. “I do not need you to watch over me like a child. I can take care of myself.” Her heart whispered a plea to accept him, trust him. Her pride fought back, sending her heart to a dark place deep inside. Her spine straightened. She refused to like this man.

“Forgive my intrusion,” he bowed stiffly. “Good evening, my lady.” A chill embraced her as he stepped away. Her heart cried out, begging to give him a chance.

“And if I should require your assistance?” she murmured just above a whisper.

His hand hovered on the balcony door handle. “I’ll be close by, hiding in the shadows.” His reply was soft, as if to soothe her pride.

“Do you have a name, shadow guardian?” The question spilled from her lips before she could stop it.

His head turned towards her, face hidden deep in the hood, but the smile in his voice was clear.


With two swift strides, he disappeared over the balcony and into the waiting darkness.


Available for purchase at Breathless Press.

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