Caged by J.A. Belfield

I’d like to welcome one of my favorite authors from across the pond. I got a taste of her writing on a place called Scribophile. I must say, I love the wolf pack she’s created. So let’s get down to business and rake her across the coals a little bit. She’s got this yummy book coming out I’ve been dying to get my grubby paws on—Caged. this one features my favorite Holloway pack member Ethan. Hawt. Before we get into the details, and great giveaway, I’ve asked Ms Belfield a few questions….

So, why werewolves beyond the world having too many sparkly vampire stories?

First up, thanks for an awesome intro—warmed me inside out to the cockles of me heart.

As for werewolves—some might say there’re also too many of those growlers lurking around the bookshelves (though I’d argue, can one possibly have too many wolves?). My interest in them runs fairly deep, borne of way too many werewolf dreams from as young as age 7. Their animalistic qualities, their (fabricated) way of life, the potential of having the best of both worlds—both as human and as beast—intrigues the heck out of me, and I considered it worth (mentally) exploring further.

Hah. I got to agree with you on that. There definitely can’t be enough werewolves. Now I love that you choose your ‘backyard’ for the setting. Have you had any issues with the terminology with readers who haven’t read something not ‘Americanized’ like Harry Potter was?

Hehehe, I once blogged about UK verses US when it comes to writing. My biggest Britishism for US readers to accept, it would appear, is the word ‘whilst’. Granted, not even all Brits use it. However, *I* do, a lot of the folk I know do, and my characters aren’t from an area of the UK where the ‘t’ would necessarily be dropped from their speech. I’ve also had other little mentions, like: ‘What are trainers?’ In case you don’t know, those are sneakers. And pumps here are plimsolls as opposed to shoes. And gammon is a thick, extremely tasty cut of pork, that’s kind of a cross between bacon and ham—delish served hot or cold, with white sauce and potatoes, or with chips and a slice of pineapple atop the meat, even on sandwiches with salad … damn, I’m making myself hungry.

Anyhoo, most of it’s pretty easily figured out, just as most US wording is figured out by us Brits. It’s only occasionally my word usage gets mentioned in reviews.

I think the ‘gammon’ is the only thing I had to look up when I read your books. I think it’s a must to bet to know the lingo. How about Ethan? What a hunk! While it’s a natural progression, why was his the next story to come out?

Actually, you say it’s a natural progression, but it wasn’t for a long time, in my head. Because I had the basic premise of the plot in my mind, but as I’d only ‘worked with’ Jem as MC, I naturally assumed all books would be Jem’s. After a year of procrastination and trying to formulate more than a basic idea for the plot, it suddenly smacked me that the rest of the story wouldn’t brew because I was trying to ‘give’ it to the wrong person. As soon as I figured that out, I knew where it was going.

Please tell us you have many more Holloway pack tales coming out in the future.

Well, funny you should mention that. 😉 Because figuring out Caged was Ethan’s story to tell opened up a whole can of possibilities for the other pack males. So, yes, there are definitely more Holloway Pack stories to come. Number 4 is already, in fact, completed: Unnatural, and is contracted to release April of 2014. Unfortunately, whose book that is won’t be revealed until September, alongside the title’s cover reveal, due to potential spoilers for Caged.

OMG…you’ve got me licking my chops…What inspired you to become a writer?

My thirty years of daydreams had reached the point of driving me demented and I suddenly seemed to figure out I needed an outlet for them. So, I sat down, and I started to write.

When you’re not writing, what is your favorite activity?

READING! 😀 And eating (chocolate). And walking (when I can). Watching the occasional TV show or film.

If you had any advice to tell a writer who has a novel they believe is ready to ‘pimp’ to the publishing world, what would it be?

No matter how much you think your MS is ready, chances are it’s not. So, check it. Check it. Check it again. And if you aren’t part of a critique group (online or actual), then you should be. The opinions of family and friends isn’t enough to go on, not if you’re to prepare yourself for the harsh criticism of the world—because if you can’t learn to accept this, you’re in trouble before you’ve even begun.

Also, one of the biggest areas I find aspiring writers are lacking in is their research. Not for their books, but of the industry they’re hoping to break into. I don’t mean research what’s hot in genre, because I believe in writing what you love, but research the agents, research the ins and outs of submitting, research the different publishers, and response times, and query writing, and what is or isn’t acceptable. All of this information is out there for folk to grasp and learn and absorb, but so many don’t bother. Yes it takes time, but it’s worth it to enable you to understand the world you’re about to enter, and to ensure you make informed decisions rather than stabs in the dark. And it’s not that difficult—if you’re struggling with where to start, just find authors who actively respond to folks online and ASK! You’ll be surprised how many of them are willing to point you in the right direction. They won’t make your decision for you—that’s your job—but they might just help you with where to start looking.

That is a great piece of advice. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

Thank you so much for letting me. 😉

Now for the good stuff…a little teaser of what Caged’s all about.

Blurb: If the meek can become deadly, the strongest can be weak.

For Ethan Holloway, his mission to find a missing werewolf should be simple. Crack a few heads, bust a few chops and the solution always reveals itself. Always.

Not this time.

Ethan’s reputation precedes him, and because it does, someone is ready. Waiting. Unbeknownst to Ethan, he’s about to go down. Hard. Against a foe he never suspected and in a world he never imagined could be real.

What awaits Ethan is a fight not only for his reputation, but also his pack, his female, and his life. If he survives, damage control will become priority number one.

If he survives.

Because even Ethan’s not sure he’s strong enough to take on an entire race all by himself.

Especially one hell bent on exposing who and what he is in the name of sport.

EXCERPT: “… from the Shropshire area. Following Carly McDowd’s disappearance on the fourth, and Andrew Doherty’s on the seventh, this is the third incident this month …”

I turned from the square-jawed newswoman on TV to Dad, where he sat in his corner armchair.

His attention remained on the screen, a frown across his brow.

“… from the Shropshire area. Following Carly McDowd’s disappearance on the fourth, and Andrew Doherty’s on the seventh, this is the third incident this month …”

I turned from the square-jawed newswoman on TV to Dad, where he sat in his corner armchair.

His attention remained on the screen, a frown across his brow.

“… the duo of friends were first reported missing late last night by their parents, after they discovered neither of the teenagers …” The newscaster’s voice infiltrated once more.

Images of a couple of lads flashed side by side on the screen. The one on the left had the appearance of any late teen, with shaggy overgrown hair and the twinkle of mischief in his expression.

From the other image, brilliant blue eyes stared out at me from beneath a shock of pale blond curls.

“Oh, shit!” I pushed to my feet, took a step forward. “That’s …”

Nineteen year old Gabriel Lewis was believed by his mother to be staying at Colum Delaney’s since Friday evening, whilst Colum’s parents …”

Dad stood, his fingers retracting his mobile from his jeans pocket as I worked my own out. He paused, nodded to me. “Go on. You make the call, Ethan.”

Shelley Lewis’s number had been saved in my phone book since the beginning of the year, right after we met for the first time. I hit dial and paced to the window. September sunshine, of the early morning variety, blinded me as my phone rang.

It took only a few trills for her to answer. “Ethan?” Her voice held hope, as well as a heavy weariness and the thickness of tears.

“Is it true?” I’d promised to support her—a lone parent, a female no less, raising a werewolf son with no guidance. So far, I’d delivered on that promise.

The sob hitting my ear gave confirmation enough. “Oh, Ethan.”

“Hold tight, Shelley. I’m on my way.”

“I’ll come with you,” Dad said, as I hung up and spun to him. “Shout Sean, too—in case we need to do any scouting. I think I heard him stir upstairs.”

“What about Connor’s lot?” The Larsen’s made up the other half of our eight-wolf pack, but lived separately to us on the south side of the forest.

Dad shook his head. “I’ll update Connor whilst you deal with Sean—”

“And Jem?” I asked with a lifted eyebrow.

Dad’s lips twitched, but he continued as though he hadn’t noticed my reference to his buck-passing. “Just the three of us will go. Connor and his boys can spend the morning here and stay close to Jem and your mother unless we need them.”

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