Fanboyism: Lost Art or Facepalm Madness

We all have our favorite likes and dislikes. From television shows to whether a remake is better than the original or perhaps an author that we buy every book religiously.

So when does this all become more of a blind obsession than an appreciation? Does one opinion have more weight than another? I love the friendly banter between Star Wars geeks and Star Trek ones. Heck, even the little things on Big Bang Theory have me giggling most times. I try not to think that there are really people like Sheldon Cooper in the world that only see their opinion as the gospel truth. Compromise is a learned skill.

So to the crux of my reason for writing this post. The image is the clue though I’ve effectively blurred out the names of the series of the author in question, the avatars, and names of the persons involved. One of which is me. I’ll freely say I’m subject “B” here. Should I have just kept my mouth shut? Probably. It’s the internet. I could have backed away but I’m allowed to say my opinion on something even if it doesn’t gel with someone else right?

Author Jousting

Sometimes, it’s just not worth it to have that thing called “an opinion.”
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Oh, boy what a can of worms I opened. This is when I think the line is crossed, erased, and completely forgotten. Perhaps I wasn’t as respectful as I should have been. Bluntly honest, perhaps, but I didn’t think I was overly harsh. If I was, please let me have it in the comments.

As to the book in question, I did feel ripped off. I got a book that was about 300 pages or so long, I liked what the cover and blurb had to offer so I bought it without cracking it open. Which, by the way, I learned very quickly to do later on. I open it up and the font is literally the size of a large print book. No, the cover did not say it was that kind either. I mean, take your Kindle and put it to the third from the largest font. yeah, that big.

Author Jousting 2

But wait…it gets better
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An opinion, according to Merriam Webster, is “A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

So I stated my opinion. Am I the authority on good or bad writing? No. Not even being an author gives me that right because everyone has different tastes. It doesn’t mean you go willy-nilly on someone because they don’t care for your ‘opinion’. I read a lot and perhaps I have a higher standard than other people. The author in question, that goes along with this ‘friendly’ banter, well, I gave her four chances to impress my ‘snotty’ standards. That’s more than I give most, actually. My favorite authors, ones that I have bought hardback copies of their books (and a Kindle version too!), get a grace period of one book after a stinker. Meaning, if they lay what I believe–in my opinion of course–is a rotten egg, their next book better heal my poor offended nostrils.

Books cost money and I’m not in league with Daddy Warbucks for an endless supply of cash.

Am I wrong to hold an author to actually telling the story they’ve built me up to?

So my ‘poorly opinionated mouth’ will keep preaching the gospel like it’s Sunday on what I like and don’t like. Please, as is the reason I blurred some of the words out, this isn’t an author bashing post. It’s about taking a step back when fandom throttles you by the throat and you go off on someone who has a different view of the same author you may (or not) have that secret room waiting for them, complete with a sledgehammer if you get the chance of them crashing on a deserted road near your town. It’s also a call to those, even though your inner evil cries out for it, to simply walk away and let them froth at the mouth before you do the same…because there’s no arguing with a person that can’t understand an opinion of someone else and still hold true to their own.

So yeah... I'll keep working on it. *cough*

So yeah… I’ll keep working on it. *cough*