Review: Wild Wild West Succubus by Lila Shaw

I’ve been a fan of Lila Shaw’s succubus stories, both published and unpublished, for a bit now. I was privy to them when she posted her works on the private writing site we belong to. So being able to get a sneak peek at this one was a no brainer. I’d read this story in its rawest form and really wanted to see what became of Pris. She was the kind of character I liked. Bad to the bone yet not so evil that she didn’t regret draining a body or two during a fuck fest. The backstory, too, has a nice twist.

Liquid Silver Publishing snatched this one up and I must admit they’re on my list to submit…as soon as I start writing more naughty stuff again. Wild Wild West Succubus is due out on August 19th but if you preorder at the publisher’s site, you get a discount so check it out here: Pre-order linkage.



A woman damned… Priscilla Goodnight, a widow in the harsh Kansas frontier, has a cattle ranch to run. She can’t afford to reveal any cracks in her tough exterior or indulge in sexual liaisons with her ranch hands. But a hungry succubus can only exercise so much self-restraint, making discretion, disguise and memory-wiping her top managerial skills.

The mysterious stranger who knows her darkest secret… Priscilla doesn’t remember hiring the man with the wily smile and the flannel voice. At all. Yet his name is on her payroll. Men as physically appealing as Hugo Desmond rarely escape her bed, let alone her memory. And how is he able to move so fast, yet nobody notices but her?

Is she his target, his mission or his bait? Hugo is a gargoyle—a specially-trained executioner—sent to purge the west of evil. With succubi falling squarely in demon territory, Priscilla has every reason to fear him … yet she can’t stay away. Hugo says he needs her help and wants to save her soul. But is redemption possible for a woman as wicked as Priscilla, or will love thaw her heart just enough for Hugo to crush it?


Now for my review.

I’ve read succubus stories that have the character with no redeeming value whatsoever. In fact, as a geeky players of Dungeons & Dragons, the succubus was often thrown in to tempt the male characters of the group. It was all fun and games until your friend’s character’s soul got sucked into oblivion or become a sex slave for life. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility to have them be out for the one thing that fuels their existence and nothing more.

Enter Pris. She’s sinned in the past and freely admits it. In fact, she’s a bit ashamed of her former self before a demon fucked her into succubus service. What I like is she didn’t totally get consumed by her guilt. She also didn’t allow herself to be a doormat either. I’m a big fan of strong female leads. Too often the woman are swooning ninnies, allowing the men to be domineering apes.

Along comes Hugo and he’s got a lot in store for Pris, making her wonder each day whether he’ll end her life. Hugo knows what Pris is and he’s trained very hard to track down and terminate any ‘evil’ supernatural being. He’s arrogant but not prideful and really struggles through it all not to fall for Pris’s charms. The kind of man who tries to see the good in everything and being that he’s had his eye on Priscilla for a good bit, you just pray he’s on the right track.

I don’t want to give away the ending because, to me, it’s the ultimate test for the characters. Kind of like the trust exercise of falling backwards into your partners arms and hoping they catch you instead of watching you fall for their entertainment.

there were times I wish I could see Hugo’s side of things but, as this is totally from Priscilla’s perspective, we don’t get that aspect. It’s the slight downside to first person storytelling, Not that it takes away from the overall story because it keeps you guessing on what the big old hunk has in store for his little succubus temptress.

Can a succubus be redeemed? Read Wild Wild West Succubus and find out. You’ll be glad you did.


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