Aftermath: Guts and Glory by Tyler Robbins

I just can’t enough of this lovely lady’s books so I had to know how she got into writing gay romance. She was more than happy to tell me her story.

I had read a few M/M books and was surprised by how much I enjoyed them. I hadn’t even considered writing one at that point though.

Then, one day, I got a FB message from the father of my youngest daughter’s best friend, who was an Army recruiter in our little town. He asked if he and his wife could come over to ask a favor. Little did I know that the favor would be to write a post “don’t ask, don’t tell” story about two men, which ultimately became my first M/M novel, Beyond Honor. I was taken by surprise by the request, but then he told me about a friend he’d made years ago while in the army and how the guy had to keep his sexuality a secret. My friend had witnessed the prejudice and saw firsthand the damage inequality had caused.  Later, when the military discovered the other man was gay, he was discharged without benefits and has yet to be compensated. My friend felt that writing a story about the obstacles some GLBT soldiers face could possibly help others who are still in the closet and perhaps shed a positive light on the subject in the long run. I wasn’t sure I could do it, so I did a lot of research about the law, the military and a lot of technical stuff … then just started writing. It flowed more naturally than anything I had ever written, and before I knew it, Tyler Robbins was born.

BLURB: When the brother he idolized is killed in action in Afghanistan, Kyle Barrett is rocked to his core. With his only confidant gone, Kyle struggles to deal with the loss, while fighting to keep his hidden sexuality a secret from his parents. If only he didn’t have to face them alone.

Army veteran, Ryder Bishop has returned from his final tour in Iraq, when severe PTSD forces him to seek help through a new counseling program back home in Texas. Just when Ryder thinks he’s reached the end of his rope, he meets Kyle, and their lives take a remarkable turn.

Can the grieving brother and damaged soldier find the peace they so desperately need? Or will they become statistics when the aftermath of war hits too close to home?
They might have shipped the soldier home, but his demons have come with him.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming, food play



Kyle took a deep breath to steady his excitement then slowly unfastened Ryder’s jeans. He pulled them down just a bit, low enough to remove the semi-hard cock from Ryder’s boxers. The shaft stiffened in the palm of Kyle’s hand, and he liked the feel of the delicate flesh against his own skin. He slowly tightened his grip and began to stroke.

“Shit.” Ryder moaned again and rolled his hips.

Kyle watched Ryder’s expression as his movements hastened. Ryder, this strong mountain of a man, who dominated the basketball court, and practically mopped the floor with Kyle every time they played, literally melted in Kyle’s hand

Exhilarated by that extra confidence, Kyle found the courage to take the next step. The natural step he’d wanted to take since he first laid eyes on the other man’s cock. Kyle licked his lips, then flicked the head of Ryder’s dick with his tongue.

Ryder shuddered.

Kyle lapped the salty surface of Ryder’s crown then encircled it with his lips, until he lowered his head, and drew half of the fleshy shaft into his mouth.


Kyle’s ears rang, and his heartbeat boomed like a bass drum inside his head. The more he sucked in, the louder Ryder’s groans became, thrilling Kyle even more.

Ryder made a hissing sound. “Careful with the teeth.”

Kyle corrected his technique and covered the thick shaft with his lips instead, then dove back down for another plunge.

“Mmm.” Ryder bucked his hips, forcing himself deeper into Kyle’s mouth. “Yeah, that’s it.

Kyle’s eyes watered as Ryder’s cock bumped the back of his throat, flooding his mouth with Ryder’s salty-sweet essence.

Ryder grasped the back of Kyle’s head and shoved himself in harder. “Feels so fucking good.

Kyle gripped the base and used his hand to jack Ryder off as he continued to suck and lick, until Ryder abruptly pulled back, and stopped him.

“What?” Kyle’s mind whirled, and he fought to take Ryder’s cock back into his mouth.

Ryder’s stomach muscles rolled, and his breathing deepened. He inhaled deeply before speaking. “You’ve seriously never done this before?” Disbelief resonated in his tone.

Was he serious? He’s asking this now? “Never.”

“Shit.” Ryder licked his lips, his eyes glazed over. “So that means,” Ryder skimmed his thumb over Kyle’s tingling bottom lip, “nobody’s ever done it to you either.”

Kyle drew in a deep breath, doing his best not to bust a nut just at the thought of it. “No.”

A gleam sparked in Ryder’s eyes “Lie back.”