Phases Work Better

mountainsThis is part 2, of sorts, to my previous post Drop the Four-Letter Word. In that one, I laid out my path to getting healthy.

So, I changed my diet and stuck to it. I can walk past the candy aisle without drooling like a loon. I’ve lost and weight and have continued to do so but what’s next? I can’t improve my cardio or the shape of my body. I’m not looking for a super model look, I just want to tone up.

The thing I realized is I would have failed if I would have tried to change my eating habits and hit the gym. I’d done it so many times before, I knew better. Eat right first, go to the gym second. Mission accomplished on my eating.

My health issues with my feet, however, would prove to be a challenge. I can’t stand for too long because of bones spurs and jumping around on a hard surface is killer. I needed a low impact.

With a membership to the YMCA, I decided to make use of the pool. Swimming is easy for me and I could do laps. With my parents, I did a pool class and it was a good workout. The next day I was on my own. Wow… I was out of shape big time! One swim down and I had to rest. To make the most of my recharge, I stretched out my legs. I wasn’t giving up. I’d come too far. I drag myself out of bed at 5:30am and slowly wake my body up. I loathe alarm clocks–beyond my fur babies. I allot myself thirty minutes to swim. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s perfect. I feel the soreness in my muscles and I know I had a good workout. The best part is my son’s doing it with me. 🙂

When that monthly curse comes, I’ll switch to a stationary bike. Either way, I must keep going.

So I’m well on my way and even was able to fit into another size down. however, while they fit I’m not comfortable in wearing them. It’s a little snug and I’m not in high school anymore. I hope to continue on my path because if I do, having ice cream or pizza isn’t a big deal. Again, moderation is my friend. I also have to remember, since I’ve slimmed down on my portions, that exercising takes a lot of what I put in my body. So I have to up what I eat or at least give it a better protein punch. I might love egg whites but the yolk is what gives me the bulk of the nutrition I need. I listen to my body as a whole when it comes to that, instead of the whiney “give me a chocolate bar now!” little voice in my head. Exercise doesn’t wear you out if you’re not over-exerting yourself. Not replenishing your fuel supply will.

So what’s you hardest challenge to meeting your healthy goals?