Drop the Four-Letter Word

apples and conesIf you think I mean the word ‘fuck’ then you’ve come to the wrong blog. 😉

No, today’s four-letter monstrosity is ‘diet’. Come on, girls. We’ve all uttered that horrid word in our lifetime and possibly used one finger to accent it. What I’ve realized in my vast life on this earth is the word is a meaningless stick figure mantra that does no one any real good. You know what’s a better phrase to use than “I’m going on a Diet?” How about “Time to get healthy!”

That’s what I did in the past six months. I had to do something before I ballooned into another size I wanted nothing to do with. Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy. When we’re used to just shoveling food down our throats, with no regard of what’s in that delicious thing we’ve scarfed. That was change number one. I did it before, I can do it again. I started reading labels and was appalled at all the extra crap in things like frozen vegetables. I can see adding a wee bit of salt when cooking but the magnitude in those little frozen vegetables….why was I buying them? Fresh is so cheap, especially if there’s a local farmer’s market. So anything I considered ‘processed foods’ was out of the menu. Those meals in a box might be convenient but they’ll hurt you more than satisfy. So my first step was getting fresh. I’m lucky. There’s not many vegetables I won’t eat.

Portion control is also key. I’ve always been a fan of the twenty minute rule. Eat a portion that isn’t overflowing on the plate and if you’re still feeling hungry, get a little more. On that note, too, if you don’t have enough substance in the meal, it isn’t going to fill you up. Remember grabbing a cheeseburger in the drive thru and feeling like it did nothing to quell your hunger? No nutritional value whatsoever. I find the key for me, and it always has been, is protein. That fills me. I give myself a little snack of either peanuts or these cool little Ostrim meat snacks. Those actually have less saturated fat than peanuts and since I’m trying to lower my cholesterol, that’s perfect. And it kills the hunger! Hummus is another snack I enjoy with Triscuits. Watch out for the ‘fat free’ options in things like crackers. Most times, the sugar is much higher. That’s not good either. Another favorite snack of mine is an avocado. I slice that baby in half and chow down. yummy!

Flavor your food! Start an herb garden to have fresh or get some dried. It does a world of yum to your tummy.

My typical lunch:

  • One avocado
  • One cup of yogurt with fruit. I mix my own to cut back on sugar and get fat free greek yogurt.
  • Hummus with about 12 crackers
  • The fourth element varies for tuna salad I make myself to a sandwich (flatbread) with bacon and spinach.

The one thing I had to take my time with was candy and the like. It’s tasty. Guess what I enjoyed a big fat peanut butter cup and then read how much fat is in it. Good lord! What the fuck am I doing to myself? I won’t eat it again. I will, however, indulge in a chocolate bar. I’m not depriving myself of a treat.

My friends do ‘meatless Mondays’ and, while it’s to save money, it’s also a good way to have something light. I wouldn’t recommend total vegetarian. We have canines for a reason. I don’t deny myself, I just make better choices. Doing this has helped me lose a size and I can honestly say I don’t feel hungry. 🙂

One thing we should all avoid is things with artificial ingredients. I’m looking at you, diet pop etc. That stuff was never meant to be in the body. I’m fortunate that any type of artificial sugar makes me sick. Propbably my body telling me that it doesn’t want this synthetic lab rat juice in its system. Reading labels is your friend, now and always.


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  1. I’ve found I’m less likely to snack in the morning if I start the day with a protein breakfast. Hardboiled eggs are currently my favorite; I don’t eat the yolks so there’s no fat, and 3 of them keep me full until lunchtime. They’re also pretty easy to cook; I prepare 2 dozen at a time which lasts me all week.

    Almonds are another healthy filling snack, or an apple or celery with peanut butter.

    I don’t eat processed foods – it’s not only healthier but cheaper to prepare meals from scratch – and I’ve come to find that I can really taste all the salt in restaurant/premade food, to the point where I really prefer my own cooking now. It’s amazing how much salt we eat without even realizing it. And HFCS is another ingredient I can really taste, as compared to real suger, that’s in everything, even when you wouldn’t even think the food would need sugar.

    • My sister is a nurse and used to be all up on egg whites. She found that she’s missing most of the benefits of eggs by skipping the yolk.

      I find upscale restaurants are much better in food prep too but I hear you on the salt. It’s just gross.

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