Daydreaming Your Novels

beach scene

Quickie created using Paint Shop Pro’s Picture Tubes

Back in high school, I used to day dream a lot. I can’t say that it was because my classes were boring. They weren’t all teenaged-lame. It’s just the things going on upstairs were far more entertaining. My grades didn’t suffer so what was the big deal?

It depended on the teacher. I’m sure I infuriated more than one. In fact, I still remember a certain English teacher in middle school and my Spanish teacher in high school ‘calling me out’ on it. Truthfully, I didn’t care. Not a great attitude but it is what it is. How could I stop something so powerful in the midst of things I didn’t show any real interest in?

I passed my classes, despite the trip to dreamland, and had some (or what I thought were at the time) killer story ideas.

Did you know not everyone daydreams? Can you imagine not having that incredible power? Sure, they study it but, like my experience above, most think it’s a problem and want to squash it. It’s a creative tool and shows more positives than negatives. Maybe non-daydreamers are just jelly.

I encouraged my son to express himself through art and writing. He was a big daydreamer in school and again I found teachers quick to call out ADD or Autism. Not that I’m knocking teachers, I had a good bit understand the uniqueness of my child. One even got him tested for gifted. He was just a little below. Score one for the daydreamers.

So I say let you mind wander and set it free. I did while writing this post. Daydreaming helped me create the graphic for this post too.