Experiment Failure?

fall leavesI’m not sure what to call it, actually. For those who haven’t been following, I tried and tried to achieve one goal–1K a day. And failed miserably. My rules might have killed my chances but when you’re trying to finish one thing, you have to set boundaries. The good thing is, I did get a lot accomplished on my yet to be named pirate piece and have whatever parts lay unfinished mapped out. Plus another historical fact check.

If  I learned one thing, forcing my muse in the corner renders the same affect as backing a feral cat into a corner. Still, what I have isn’t entirely trash-worthy. I think that’s another reason why my goal slipped through my fingers. I refused to willy-nilly through typing whatever words came into my head. I wanted  a clean rough draft that didn’t mean deleting a majority of it on the first round edits before begging for beta readers.

The major stumbling block, beyond two book releases, was that my mind was mapping out other stories. I literally wrote a few pages for three other novels. I mean, I don’t have a release of any kind on the horizon yet I’ve made my goal in that department already. Still, I had to get those ideas down just to belay my ravenous need to pound the keys on that. Doing so wouldn’t make my word count and would blatantly ignore the purpose of this month-long ordeal.

So, I will still move forward with the pirate project and finish it. Afterwards, I have a few choices–finish Devin’s Dilemma or write the two naughty fairytales brewing in my head. Only time will tell on that.

For those who tried it, did you find success in reaching your daily word count goal?