Mini NaNo Challenge: 1K a Day (Part 2)

Part I is here.

well the first half of the month I didn’t make a single per day word count. I think, had I not stuck to my rules below, I would have made it hands down. This story just isn’t popping in my head and I don’t know why. I see a scene but when I try and write it, it goes away. Scattered to the four winds. In order to make the goal of 50%, I have to hit 1k words each day on the second leg. No bloody likely. Still, I’m not giving up. My goal is to finish the rough draft at this point. Let’s go over my personal rules:

  1. I must write 1k a day (thus the name of the challenge).
  2. I cannot ‘make up’ a word count the next day. If I fail to reach 1k, that day is a loss.
  3. If I go over 1k, I cannot use that total in the next day.
  4. Blog posts don’t count toward word total.
  5. I must first finish my pirate piece before moving to something else. Meaning, I cannot start another project to boost word count.

Now begins the humiliation….

  1. 794 words. Not a winner but my best total yet. Today was Father’s Day so spending time with my dad was my priority. I’m satisfied, even though I didn’t make the goal, with my total. (June 16)
  2. 633 words. Still on track, IMO. I’m actually coming to the main conflict of the story. Once the rough draft is completed, I’ll set this one aside until the month is up. Meaning, I will work on something else. Rough draft first, though. Obviously, I’m not batting .500 but progress is progress at this point. (June 17)
  3. 0 words. I know, I know. It looks like I’m slipped, right? The truth is I got two releases this week and I had to get blog posts in line for them. I’ll take the zero on that because remember-blog posts don’t count in the total. (June 18)
  4. 0 words. I have no words. (June 19)
  5. o words. Still not able to belt anything out. (June 20)
  6. 0 words. I started going to the gym and wiped myself out overdoing it. (June 21)
  7. 0 words. Dear god… help me. (June 22)
  8. 193 words. Yes! I also have the ending plotted out. (June 23)
  9. 0 words. Ummmm…… (June 24)
  10. 0 words. Not again! (June 25)
  11. o words. It’s a hard knock life… (June 26)
  12. 0 words. What is this fuckery? (June 28)
  13. 0 words. The muse…he a no want to write.(June 29)
  14. 122 words. My last hurrah. Pathetic. (June 30)

In the end, I really think finishing this story isn’t never going to happen. Still, I’ll try. If only my mind wasn’t so smut-filled, this would be easier.


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