One Hot Snippet: Talbot’s Seduction #SexySnippets

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Today I bring to you a seven sentence snippet of Talbot’s Seduction, my latest release. Though Talbot prefers males, he also protects the women in his life. In this scene, he gives a good comeuppance to someone who didn’t treat a lady proper.

“Remember the beauty you spilled in with no regard? Consider this payback for the state you have left her in.”

Nicholas flailed in his grasp, desperate to part from the fray, but Talbot held firm. Over and over again his fist connected with the once handsome face of Nicholas. Talbot would make sure the man’s fetching looks never fooled a lady into opening her legs willingly. Nicholas’ upward stance was more due to Talbot refusing to allow him to fall, his body near limp. Cocking back his fist for one more blow, Talbot met resistance.

Published April 17, 2013 by Evernight Publishing. Available for purchase at Evernight Publishing | All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Bookstrand


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