Birthday Bash

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Cupcakes made by me!

Today I celebrate my *cough cough* birthday. My mini Nano challenge is looking awfully anemic. However, I have no one to blame but myself. It is what is I and I will still continue on. If it means the first half of the month is bleeding red, I’ll take it. What’s a manuscript with raging hormones anyways? In the end, I tried to get a few words out each day and that is better than the stalemate I’ve had.

The cupcakes? Yeah, they’re apple hazelnut liqueur ones with a buttercream frosting topped with chocolate chips. All homemade and nothing from the box. That’s how I roll. Enjoy the weekend folks! I’ve got a hockey game to watch and rack full of wine to console me if the Penguins don’t pull one out of their asses.


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  1. Happy (cough) birthday! Oooo, those cupcakes look delicious.

    I’ve started writing a little. Even using my livescribe pen to get something going. We’ll see how I do.

  2. Happy Birthday to a fellow June Baby. I’m kissing 46 this year and wish I had a plate of those tasty looking cup cakes to celebrate with ;-).

    Anyway, since I tanked so hard at April Camp NaNo, I’m passing on this month and instead waiting for November. I have found other fun ways to celebrate my birthday :-).

    • I’ll be torturing myself in November too. I’ve always loved baking and while I’m not a big cake fan, I like cupcakes because they pack more flavor.

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