Mini NaNo Challenge: 1K a Day (Part I)

So a little group we call The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pens decided to do something to jumpstart a few writing slumps we’ve gone through. For me, I’ve been in editing hell for the past month I couldn’t even fathom writing anything. Couple that with a few releases. Yeah, I’m pretty fried. Nonetheless, I’m going to do this and block it in the first half of the month and the last half.

My personal rules:

  1. I must write 1k a day (thus the name of the challenge).
  2. I cannot ‘make up’ a word count the next day. If I fail to reach 1k, that day is a loss.
  3. If I go over 1k, I cannot use that total in the next day.
  4. Blog posts don’t count toward word total.
  5. I must first finish my pirate piece before moving to something else. Meaning, I cannot start another project to boost word count.

That’s it. Now I’ll list, per day, my word count. At the end of the challenge, I’ll tally up my good vs bad days and see if I was over 50% in the face-off circle.

  1. 351 words. Excuses I could use: Camping without a laptop, watching hockey and losing my mojo because both my teams lost today. In reality, I had plenty of time in the morning and didn’t focus.
  2. 398 words. Focus is about as good as a packer in a bubblewrap facility. Not even a dose of caffeine saved me from failing. Part of me knows this word count would be a breeze if I started something else but that’s not the point of this exercise. Oh! And I wrote a blog post for Evernight’s Naughty Fairytale Blog which, of course, doesn’t count.
  3. 341 words. It’s like trying to climb a hill with a thousand dogs dry humping your leg. Once again, I did a future blog post instead of concentrating on the task at hand. Being a Gemini, I’m actively sabotaging my own efforts.
  4. 574 words. Better but still not dice. On a lighter note, I did clean up some malware on my parent’s PCs and looked over some cool historic stuff for a cruise I’m going on. yes, I puttered about on the internet too. Still, I think I’ve gotten over the hump!
  5. 353 words. 2 OT hockey just to watch my team go down 3-0 in the series and they actually showed up. Imagine if they would have played like this the last two games. This is doing NOTHING for my motivation. *sigh* On the bright side, a lot of the people who have joined me on this quest have found their mojo. Go team!
  6. 35 words. A new time low! Woo! I had a lot of things going on and it just didn’t happen. I also received some edits on a novel I have coming out in July. Still, I’m going to forge ahead.
  7.  310 words. Good gravy. By the time I was done drying in my Belgian beer over the Penguins getting kicked out of the playoffs in an embarrassing fashion, it was after midnight. Still, this manuscript is over half completed since it’s a short. I guess that’s something.
  8. 0 words. An all-time low. Went to a t’ai chi class and a picnic. Totally crashed for the night around 8PM.
  9. 0 words. Calling this one early as I’m typing this around 4PM. Edits have come through for a YA novel I got contracted and it takes priority as I only have about three das to scour over a 67K+ document. Since I fucked around and didn’t work on it at all yesterday (see above), I’ve got to nose to the grindstone now. Plus, I did laundry. Household chores wait for no one.
  10. 0 words. It’s like a hat trick, right? three in a row? I had to do the finishing touches on my novel. Pick an excerpt, rewrite the blurb because the original just didn’t work. Pick keywords…that was a killer! Plus another Bio on top of that. Geesh. I’m spent. I will write tomorrow… I will!
  11. 113 words. See? I wrote…something. My son took me to the movies for a belated b-day present. I totally don’t regret the day. 🙂
  12. o words. Where have I seen this before? Edits rolled in (again) and I was generally distracted…Squirrel!
  13. 116 words. Here’s to hoping that a road trip sparks the brain a little.
  14. 419 words. I was on a road trip and a passenger. I would have logged more but for some reason, I get vertigo in he back seat of a car, especially when my dad is driving. Oi. Still, better than….
  15. 0 words. Getting old, isn’t it? On this day, I was out in glorious Pittsburgh for my cousin’s daughter’s wedding… in a fire hall. Awesome sauce. 🙂 I drank iron City Beer among other things.

0 for 15… ouch…


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  1. Sounds like a good plan. :/ I haven’t written anything within the past month and a half because work has been sucking my energy. I’m trying to get back into it and the other night just stared at my screen.

    • I’m doing it for the whole month, in two parts. Pick your goal of days and stick by it no matter how many days you come up short. 🙂

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