Release Day: The Forest Maiden

I love twisting fairytales. My very first naughty fairytale was based on my favorite–Little Red Riding Hood. So for my next endeavor, I went with Snow White. Again, like The Wolves of Argonne, I went the fantasy route with The Forest Maiden. Fantasy setting will always be my first love. As I am huge on research, I looked for the origins of Snow White. The most prominent thing in any of the stories was the apple. That, you see, posed a problem. I found the apple an iconic symbol of the story. My editor, however, had a very valid point when she told me–in so many words–that the apple was overdone. Oh I pouted, I can’t deny it. I thought it was an important element along with the others things in the original story that almost took Snow White’s life. Needless to say, I changed it. I’m not going to say to what but I will say this–I researched the country of origin and what fruit was indigenous to the area. I do like my details.

Enough babbling….on with the meat!

TFMBLURB: Eirlys Edurne wants nothing to do with the prim and proper world her title endows her. When her father attempts to force her to marry a vile Prince from a neighboring kingdom, she takes flight into the forest. Only the thrill of the hunt and the call of wildlife can tame her until a mysterious man invades her campsite.

The guest at her fire mistakes her as one of Earth Mother’s forest maidens. Eirlys uses her feminine wiles to seduce him only to find that her heart has other plans for her mighty warrior. When her father perishes, Eirlys is thrust back into the world she loathes by her stepmother. Will she break free of the woman’s clutches and once again reunite with the man who holds her heart?


Alone, Eirlys dipped one foot into the pool, swirling the water around to test the temperature. Pleased, she slid down into the bath to her neck, sighing. The water rippled as her arms moved to grab the soap. The lather foamed when she dunked the lavender scented soap into the bath. She inhaled the wonderful aroma, shifting forward onto her knees.

Alone in her part of the castle past the age most of the royal ladies of the court would be married off, she learned the intimate strokes to set her body ablaze. She had no hope of finding a suitable husband, one that allowed her to be the free spirit her father had raised.

Slowly she rubbed the soap against her dark curls as her legs parted. Gentle strokes eased away the tension rippling through her muscles from feeling less than worthy to stand alongside men. She gasped as she brushed against her sensitive nub. The soap dropped from her grasp, and she explored every inch of her private flesh.

Her fantasies did not dwell on a handsome prince whisking her away and making mad passionate love to her under the stars. They bordered on the delightful scents of pine and freshly overturned earth of the forest. The blooming heather and strands of lime-green moss hanging from the branches far over her head blossomed. The mystery man in her vision was a mere shadow against the pale glow of the moon.

Her finger circled her labia, delving in deeper. Pleasure spread like a fiery blaze through her core. Another finger joined the first, and she explored the depths of her pussy. Her palm slapped on the side of the pool as her breath staggered. Again she teased her swollen flower, her legs trembling. She jerked as she came but continued to rub her clit on a wave of ecstasy. She snared her lip with her teeth to stifle the blissful scream edging toward the top of her throat. Her self-gratification was for her and her alone. She would not give any other man the satisfaction of knowing her nightly activities.

The soap traveled along the rest of her skin, washing away any evidence of her arousal. In her heart she believed men could sniff out a woman’s desire in the sack from miles away. She had no want of a man desiring her as a prize to bed.



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