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I’ve had a short but long rode in my writing career. While I haven’t made enough money to throw to middle fingers up and walk away from my 9 to 5 grind, it has been enough to keep me afloat in trying economic times. But anyway, I’m here to turn up the heat a little to make you wonder when the devil is going to walk in wearing platform fuck me boots.

What I have for you today is a few excerpts from two of my novels. First up is The Romance Novel Book Club. It’s a cheeky number filled with some very heated scenes between the heroine and her wanted lover. How about a little lead in to one of their encounters, before they knew who they were outside of the Black Room. Yep, my leading lady Patricia gets her rocks off at a local club that caters to those who want a good time in the sack without commitment. Of course a little touch of BDSM is also on the menu.

The room slowed to a crawl as I noticed my favorite plaything across the room. The black satin mask couldn’t hide his appearance. His mannerisms within Black Room were too familiar to me. My taut muscled specimen prowled the carpet like the carnivore I knew he could be. The apex of my thighs moistened at his presence. I remembered each wicked little escapade I had with this particular member. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he window shopped until he came across my rack. With one glance in my direction, I hooked in my bait. Already my heart slammed into my rib cage in anticipation of his electric touch.

His code name was Tall One, and he certainly fit the bill. He leaned in, and I inhaled that masculine scent uniquely his. Whatever cologne he used danced nicely with his pheromones. I was a cat in heat ready to scratch my name into his back as he rode me.

“My, York.” His words tickled my ear. “In for some adventure tonight?”

“Can you handle it?” I breathed back.

I also write m/m erotica under the same name as m/f. I know some made the distinction between the two but, as my blog states, I’m eclectic. I read everything and I damn near write anything too. Talbot’s Seduction is classified as a prequel because I wrote what came after it story-wise first. Consider this one what happens when my muse forgets to use protection. In this novel, we find out how Talbot became the man he was in Talbot’s Ploy. My muse wants to write another one too. That’s for a later date. 😉 How about a little calm before the storm?

Talbot jerked away. “Why do you persist?”

“Because Tyeis chose you over me just now, and I wanted to sample what he coveted above his master.”

Talbot studied the lust in his teacher’s eyes. His thoughts of Paris and the loss of Bassett plagued him. Delphine would surely shun him over her only male whore’s death. “What of Paris? How can I be safe with Tyeis?”

“Allow me this one indulgence, and I shall send word ahead of your arrival. Someone will contact you, in private, on how to maintain your desires without provocation from the magistrate.”

“Bribery.” Talbot licked his lips. “I have contacts already to keep my secret safe.”

“One brothel cannot contain your desire, Talbot. Or did the news when you left Paris not tell you that?”

His teacher knew more than Talbot had first thought. What would it hurt to sample another man or permit LaVigne this one favor? The idea was not entirely unappealing, and his desire had nearly overwhelmed him many a day while in the writing chairs in this office. “You have pursued me at every chance without forcing yourself upon my person.”

“I am a patient man when I see something I desire. We can allow Tyeis to join in, if you wish.”

Talbot shivered. “Non.” He would not share Tyeis with anyone once they were both back in Paris. “Tyeis is mine.”

There’s something satisfying about writing scorching hot. I don’t think there’s a character yet that I haven’t enjoyed creating. I love throwing them into situations to see how they wiggle out of them. The love is the biggest bonus. It’s a fantasy world I create, one to make the heart beat quicken. Some of my favorites have a high heat level. I can’t help it. My muse tugs and pulls and I listen…and I have many more to come. 🙂

Now for the goodies. Since everyone isn’t eclectic as I am, I’m going to offer two packages. One from my m/m and the other from my m/f side. Now if you don’t care either way, please note that in the comments. Otherwise, please specify whether you want Package A or Package B. Remember, I need an email address to send the PDFs to.


For those who like the male/female interaction or a little menage


For those who love the male on male hotness

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