Release Day: Talbot’s Seduction

When I wrote Talbot’s Ploy, first as a short which got expanded to a novella, I never really had another planned. Such is the way of the panster writer. When I tried again, and failed, to make a short story featuring Talbot I decided expand it again. This time, the words nearly doubled from the last. In fact, I wasn’t sure how it would end. All I knew is I had to connect the dots in what happened in the first one I wrote.

Yep. Talbot’s Seduction actually comes before Talbot’s Ploy. What I realized, beyond wanting to expand a story, was Talbot was kind of a dick in Talbot’s Ploy. He had his reasons and while it was hinted at, it wasn’t totally there. What I ended up with in the second, but really the first in the series, is how Talbot realizes he’s a man who enjoys, well, other men. In historical times they were called sodomites and died if anyone found out about their ‘sinful’ act. First and for most I wanted to show his struggle with accepting what he knows in his heart he prefers. It’s a convention that is far removed from what he’s been told and seen in his short life.

talbots-seduction MOCKBlurb: Talbot Sauvageot is a young Lord living in Paris, France, in search of anything but the duties of his station. He spends his time drinking and whoring, his memory of the last evening always a blur. When he is tricked by his betrothed’s father, Talbot realizes his heart beats not for the velvety folds of a woman but the hardened shaft of a man. Now he must find a balance in a world that condemns a man to death should he dabble in sodomy. His desires are unleashed tenfold when his Friend Tyeis shares his same interests in a bedmate.

Warning: m/m sex, multiple partners, forced seduction, sex toys, spanking, public exhibition, rimming

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