Book Review: Resonance by J.A. Belfield

Love this author so when a chance to get an ARC copy of her book came along, with the promise I would give an honest review, I snatched it up. Yes, this is a book in exchange for a review. My first one ever. Consider my cherry popped.

First, I’m kind of a big fan of the author. I just love the whole Holloway pack she’s created. I also like that the language stays true to where it’s set, which is the country the author lives as well–England. It just wouldn’t do first person justice to ‘Americanize’ the lingo.

This novella is like a ‘bridge’ between Blue Moon and the next book Caged which deals with my favorite Holloway pack member Ethan. Yum. I know a little about Caged so I’m going to inner squee about the introduction of Shelley and Gabe in Resonance.

Okay, back from GiddyFest 2013….maybe.

I’ll admit that, while it’s on my Kindle, I haven’t read Blue Moon yet which is the precursor to this novella. However, as every author worth their salt should be able to do without a grand info dump, Ms Belfield gives me enough info that I get the gist of what happened and why the characters are in the situation for Resonance.

Jem does her usual scheming which seems to always get ratted out in the end. Nevertheless, she always plans it out for the most part. We start the story with her trying to break through to Josh, one of the pack who is in a coma-like state. She reads to him and just babbles. Anything to help him wake up from whatever the witches in Blue Moon did.

In the process, she discovers some more about her bond with Sean and unfurls another mystery surrounding it. Nice intrigue and possible set up for another book without making me roll my eyes. Yes, this technique can be over used. I personally find little books like this a wealth of information for fans who want to know more without feeling like they’re reading a dissertation or college thesis paper.

In any account, her sister Jess figures out what is wrong with Josh and the possible solution. The problem is that Jem is the only one that can do it which sends the pack into a bit of a mental state. Females are rare in the werewolf world and losing her would be a huge blow. Stubborn as she is, she says she’s doing it anyway and it’s really in character for Jem. Her heart is that big. So it’s go time for Jem to save the day…risking her very soul.

There is one naughty scene that’s done very tastefully and shows the deep connection, through the centuries, Sean and Jem have for each other.

Onward to the meat of my review!

What I like about this book: The ending was strong. Nice build up, especially the rescue of Josh. It really showed how a pack comes together to protect their own. Plus the *cough* Ethan factor. Again, as I stated before, the little bit of golden nuggets Ms Belfield puts in are perfect bread crumbs for a person just getting into the series to go…I really, REALLY want to read the others books. Plus, as a teaser, you get a few chapters of Darkness & Light.

What I wished for: That the rescue hadn’t happened so quickly. I realize, in the grand scheme of things, Sean wouldn’t have allowed her to be under for too long but I would have loved a bit more of a battle or stealth to stay away from the baddies. The tug of war, however, in the rescue was very well written. It hooked me with the emotion behind it. I’m just a big paranormal whore and could have seen the ‘soul searching’ journey a little more impactful.

What I didn’t care for: Nothing, really. I gave it four stars because I thought there were places where the bones could have used more meat to chew on. That’s it. Being an ARC copy, I ignore the weird punctuation parts and whatnot. The writing is fluid enough to get over the twitchy parts.

I still recommend it and all the other Holloway books. Just ‘mind the gap’ between American and British speak. 😉


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