One Hot Snippet: Soul Reaver #SexySnippets

Here I am again with another Sexy Snippet! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and tip toe through some other sexy seven sentence snippets by visiting the Sexy Snippets Blog.

Today I bring to you a seven sentence snippet of Soul Reaver. This is a short story that can be found in Evernight Publishing’s Midnight Seduction Anthology. Enjoy!

[Maurizio] heard her prayers to the ruler of Heaven, and he buried his face into the silky sweet taste between her thighs. She pleaded to him but her words ended in a scream. Liquid nectar exploded from her, and Maurizio gasped, an electric jolt reverberating through his veins.

He stayed on his knees, clutching her hips and she held tight to his tangled mess of hair. The sound of their hearts pounding in their chests slowed and she sunk down. His fingertips melded along her flesh as she joined him on her knees. Her nails dragged against his chest and tugged on his jeans to release the pressure building within.

Published October 19, 2011 by Evernight Publishing. Available for purchase at Evernight Publishing and Amazon..


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