Farewell, Still Moments

fairyIt’s been a delightful ride being an author with Still Moments Publishing. Their editing staff was the best! However, they are merging with another company and my titles are being returned to me. Yep, the new company is only taking a select few and mine isn’t one of them. C’est la vie.

What does this mean? I’m hanging up my hat on sweet romance. Olivia Devereaux will ride off in the sunset with a polite pageant-like wave. I loved creating the stories I got published through Still Moments. However, with a YA title coming out this year under another pen name and a few epic fantasy books I want to complete, I’ve got to go with my gut. The well for sweet romance stories in my head is about dry, and I have to set priorities in my writing career. I had actually been thinking hard on not spreading myself so thin with so many pen names. Me parting ways, no matter what the circumstances, just makes the decision all the more easier.

The titles I have out–Mended Hearts, The Beauty Within (in the Spellbound Hearts anthology), and Boughs of Holly–Will be taken down, along with my Olivia Devereaux page here, on April 15th, 2013. So if you thought about it and haven’t pulled the trigger on buying them, now’s your chance. The next version of these stories will be more along the erotic side and, in the case of Mended Hearts, almost completely changed. I’ll also make a series out of it because I had a few ideas on continuing the stories, most likely for the Romance on the Go line at Evernight Publishing.

I want to thank everyone who supported me over the last year or so in my journey in traditional romance. Much love for that. Thank you again for all your support. 🙂


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