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Being a Panster, in my opinion, sometimes has its disadvantages. I have trouble concentrating on one thing most of the time. Traveling the panster way means I don’t hold myself to an outline, much less a schedule. Granted, I have–under duress–worked on one manuscript without even casting a guilty glance at the huge invisible pile (welcome to the computer age!) of neglected babies.

How bad is it for me? Oh let me (word) count the ways:

Fate’s Path I: 51K
Fate’s Path II: 27K
Triggers: 29K
Once a Thief: 55K* (sequel to Triggers)
Pale Dragon: 28K*
Mischief & Mayhem, Assassins for Hire: 53K*
Journey of the Damned: 6K
Raven: 10K (have the idea for the second in this series)
Anubis Arises: 11K
The Forest Maiden: 10K*
Slave to the Sands: 4K*
Children of the Winter: 16k
Space Shippers (WT): 3K
Cadaver Dave: not even really started about 150 words
The Case of Mr Wolfe: 3K (short story)
Sorrow’s Harvest: 3K (short story)
Saving Maria: 1K (short story)
Last Kiss: 2K (short story)
By the Pale Moon: 1k (short story)
(I’ve noted the NaNo piece with a ‘*’)

That’s what I have, not counting the pre-computer era stuff I have safely locked away never to see the light of day.

This is what I deal with as ideas fly out of my muse. As much as I’d rather write it down for later, it doesn’t always go away by splashing ink. I will say for the most part, the short stories are complete. I just never found a home or have plans to scrub them again just in case. With Duotrope not free and me not taking the time to check out other free sites, they sit and cry in the far recesses of my computer.

I have plans to finish some of the bigger works, more because they are further along. However, I’ve got to be true to the writer I am. The Panster to the extreme. I’ll keep going where the muse wind blows me until I’ve buried myself below six terabytes of data.

After all, I am finishing manuscripts. Just not the ones I probably should be….have I mentioned my idea for new pirate story lately? 😉