Romance on the Go

THOHK1MEvernight Publishing has this great little line called Romance on the Go. Sure, you say, you’re just cheering it up because you’re one of their authors. Yes and no. The fact is, I have read some of these little gems and have more on my Kindle waiting to be gobbled up.

What I like the most about the line is they’re not too short or excessively long. They are a great in between read after toiling through a whole novel or even worse–an epic fantasy tome. I like to have a small little story to revv up my reading engine again because as much as I love books, sometimes a fat masterpiece can be as draining as writing. So I need the recharge.

The things we readers have to remember is this–Romance on the Go are little stories, usually a smidgen over the short story marker and into the lesser known novelette territory. Plus, I can get a story from my favorite author instead of wading through an anthology that might have a cringe-worthy story that no amount of brain bleach can fix. This is why I love ebooks. Stories this size would have never seen the light of day otherwise and so many smaller publishers have these lines to fullfill that void.

In my opinion, a story should never be judged on size(insert snicker here). Think of it as that little guilty pleasure of a small cup of ice cream to satisfy your craving without eating the whole vat and feeling bloated. It’s also a good way to take a nibble of a category you might not otherwise dabble in. Never really read a BDSM story? Get a little golden nugget and test the waters. You never know until you try it.


Yes, I realize I’m not linking any other publishers in this post but I know they’re out there. Go the way of Google seek them out. Feel free to share any of the gems you’ve found along the way to the other followers of this blog. I’ll spread the love of books any way I can.