One Hot Snippet: The Romance Novel Book Club #SexySnippets

Six Sentence Sunday has come to pass and I actually struggled in whether I wanted to pick another snippet frenzy. I really do have trouble finding just a little bit to go on to pimp my wares as it were. So, since I follow them on Facebook, I’m going to give this one a whorl.

Today I bring to you a seven sentence snippet of The Romance Novel Book Club. Enjoy!

That powerful organ between his legs slipped in my opening, and my hips rocked in a greedy gyration. I swear he held back his full length from impaling me completely. At least, from what I could remember. One more thrust from him had me not caring. In the soft glow of the room I saw the little horns on the top of his mask. He was a devil of a man. My carnal sin.

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