Drifting Away: Critiquing Sites (Part II)

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This is Part II of a two-part series. Part I may be found here.

I also belong to a wonderful writing site called Scribophile. The difference between it and Critters is that Scribophile is all online. However, I’m finding that I don’t have the time to critique there either. I honestly don’t know where my time is going. Maybe I’m in a funk and need a righteous slap upside the head Gibbs-style.

Perhaps I’m lamenting because, unlike Critters, I actually get to know a lot of the people using Scribophile. Several have left the site because they have nothing left to offer, their writing is suffering due to the time sink referred to as the forums, or the drama llama keeps tap dancing on their face. Either way, online places often change in dynamic. I’m sure I put a wrench in someone’s panties when I joined. The unfamiliar works both ways.

Unluckily, most of them are on social media sites so I haven’t totally lost them. 🙂

Scribophile is simple to use. Like Critters, it’s a give then take atmosphere. It takes about three solid critiques to earn enough points to post your work. There’s limit on how lengthy it can be to make the playing field even. Plus, as a bonus, your very first work instantly goes in what they call the “Main Spotlight”. A free membership gives you two works posted at a time. Want to post a third? Delete one of the existing ones or get a premium membership (tax deduxtible, btw).

Still, with all the benefits, I haven’t posted anything in at least six months. In fact, I’ve let my premium membership lapse because I have nothing new to post. It’s not because I haven’t been writing, it’s because most of my work goes straight to the publisher. I’m in the process of using the critiques I have received to edit what I have before I delete the works. It’s not that I can’t afford the premium membership. My royalties would easily cover it. Like I said, I just don’t have the need.

While any critiquing site isn’t going to find everything that needs a tweak in your manuscript, it’s always a good idea to find a peer group. If you’re like me and can’t find something local, the internet is a good way to go. That way you can critique the kind of things that interest you. Local groups may not have that option.

I don’t plan on closing my account out at Scribophile. It has its uses. What I need to do is stop wasting time in the time sink areas and write. Someday I’ll have something that I feel needs an extra pair of eyes. My hope is that it will be my next pirate story.

Moreon that at a later time. 😉


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  1. I have an account at Scribophile but there are times when I think that my writing sucks so badly and I have very passive sentences that I get nervous and don’t want to submit anything.

    • It’s a tough road to have the courage to present something your working on. I know how you feel. It took me a good long time to jump in. It was the best thing I could have done on my way to publishing. Plus, in critiquing others, my writing improved too.

  2. I’m part of Scrib, too, as you know, but I don’t have time to post and critique anymore, at least not through the main site. I have connected with a few authors and we share our works with each other because we’ve grown to know each other, and trust each others honesty and critiques. The site definitely has it’s positives and I highly recommend it for new, aspiring authors looking for feedback and willing to give their own.

    • You’re so right. Our little circle has helped tremendously. I do want to carve out time to crit again once I’ve got my schedule down. It keeps me on my toes. If I can swing it and I feel it’s worth it, I’ll get a premium membership again as well. Right now, I don’t have anything needing a good look at. It’s tough to get people to bite on the naughty stuff.

  3. I think I might be reaching that point on Scrib too. While I appreciate all the wonderful crits I get, I don’t want line edits; I want to know if the theme is apparent, if the characters are developed enough, etc. Fortunately I’m in several groups with people with the same focus, so that helps.

    I think you’re absolutely right that the site is great for writers just starting out, and then as you develop your writing skills, you tend to move away from it because you don’t need it as much (or you have access to editors). But it’s still the best online writing site I’ve found, out of the half dozen or so I tried.

    • I think that’s why I stay. I don’t believe I’ll post any of my erotic writings there again because, even with the groups for it, I don’t see the people willing to look at it objectively. There’s always one ‘special’ person who laments that there’s too much sex or descriptive text to it. Good grief. 😐

      For my non-naughty side, I’ve gotten better luck that’s for sure.

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